9 levels Wearable Breast Pump

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Enjoy maximum freedom of movement while breastfeeding and stay on top of your game everyday. With the Wearable Electric Breast Pump, you’ll never have to be confined to one spot just to make sure your baby is getting the right nutrition.

Perfect for exclusively pumping moms, this breast pump removes all of the unnecessary accessories and wires, so you can meet your pumping schedules anywhere and anytime. The compact, one-piece design fits right under your clothes and hides in plain sight so you can pump away while working, running errands, playing with your children, or just relaxing with both of your hands completely free.

  • Two Unique Modes:Massage mode and pumping mode ensure a comfortable, painless pumping experience.
  • Super-quiet: The noiseless motor is quieter than 40dB and is perfect for when you’re outside or when your baby is sleeping
  • Anti-backflow:Prevents milk from spilling or getting wasted
  • Safe on the skin: Made using food-grade silicone, it’s incredibly soft and gentle on your skin


  • 9 Adjustable suction levels
  • Pumping mode suction range: 100~300mmHg
  • Massage mode suction range: 30-180mmHg
  • Cup capacity: 180ml
  • Horizontal Button Technology Design
  • Material: Silicone and food-safe PP material
  • Size: 63*140*70mm

 Package Includes:

  • 1 x Bra adjustable buckle
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Silicone diaphragm
  • 1 x Pump motor
  • 1 x Silicone shield
  • 1 x Valve
  • 1 x Linker
  • 1 x Milk Collector

Cherishal Wearable breast pump review-S12

Breast pumps have grown in popularity in recent years as a result of their numerous benefits. It offers many features and benefits, particularly for mothers who are usually busy with other things. 


It might give them the freedom to pump while also taking care of other responsibilities. Before you buy a breast pump, you should think about your lifestyle. You should also be aware of the drawbacks and speak with your doctor about them. 


You must have a physical checkup and have your breast tissues checked because breast pumps can injure them if they are not strong enough. There are numerous considerations to address when purchasing a breast pump.

How it works?

All breastfeeding mothers should use breast pumps since they can help them in a variety of ways. Conveniently feed your baby. Breast pumps control the nursing process, allowing you to feed your baby at any hour of the day. 


It protects the baby's breast milk, which would otherwise be wasted. Breastfeeding your kid reduces the risk of cancer by preventing it. Breast pumps keep the breast milk safe even when you're not with the infant, which helps to reduce engorgement.


Some breast pumps are battery-operated and wireless, allowing them to function independently. It's especially useful for multitasking mothers who also need to pump. In order to use the breast pump effectively, the mother must hold it in one hand. If you're too busy with other things, many items can aid you with the hand-free option.

Features to know about:

There are many features of the products that you can benefit from. We will discuss some of the most important features in detail. 

1. 9 Adjustable suction levels

This is one of the most important features because it can provide you with the convenience to select the suction level of your own choice. 9 adjustable suction levels can make it convenient for the mothers to set the product according to their convenience and their requirement according to the baby’s age. 

2. Cup capacity

It is very important to take care of the capacity of the cup because it will make sure that milk is not getting wasted. This product will provide you with a capacity of 180 ml which is the best capacity for babies of all ages. It can provide convenience to the mothers and the milk will also be saved from getting wasted.

3. Horizontal button Technology design

This product is designed after a lot of thought and effort. The latest technology is used in the product so that people can benefit out of it at the most. Its horizontal button Technology design is very easy to use and this is the main reason that makes it better than any other product. You can take advantage of the latest technology designs because technology is making life easier in all aspects. 

4. Use of safe material

You should be very careful about choosing such products. It is important to be sure about the material of the product before purchasing it. We assure you that our product is made up of safe material that is safer for mothers and babies.


We have used silicon and food-safe PP material in our product because we know the importance of your baby's health. You can use our product for a long time without being worried about quality damage. It is one of the best quality products that will last longer than you can imagine. 

5. Size 

Our product comes in the sizes of 63 mm, 140 mm, and 70mm. It provides you with a variety to choose from according to the age of your baby. You can choose the size that fulfills your requirement. 

Benefits to know about:

 You can get a lot of benefits from the Cherishal Wearable breast pump. We will discuss some of the benefits in detail. 

 Convenience for the mothers

The product is designed to take care of the busy life of mothers. They will be able to take care of their babies as well as handle their professional lives. It is a very convenient product that will be easy to handle without having any side effects on the baby or the mother. You can now manage all the tasks easily according to your own pace. 

Capability to contain spills

Your breast pump must include a spill-proof feature so that the milk does not go to waste. You must verify it before making any breast pump because it is critical to maintaining your milk safe. If you select a product you can get this feature because we have made sure that no drop of milk gets wasted. It is very beneficial to use our product because you will be at peace and there is no need to worry about the wastage of milk. 

Sound and app

Our company's application is available for Android and iOS. To connect with your breast pumps, you can use an iPhone or Android model. You can get the best features on your Android or iPhone. We have installed high technology equipment in our products so that it is easy to use in the fast Life of nowadays. 

Relaxation and tranquilly

Pumping necessitates relaxation and serenity, which is why mothers must sit and unwind. The fact that breast pumps are wireless and may be used while doing other things does not guarantee that they will perform flawlessly. You should take a seat and relax for a moment. During that time, you can relax with a cup of milk or tea, or you might focus on nature or meditate.

A breast pump that doesn't require your hands

Some breast pumps include a built-in battery and are also wireless, allowing them to function independently. It is especially useful for mothers who are multitasking while pumping. However, in order to use the breast pump effectively, the mother must hold it in one hand. If you're too preoccupied with other things, many items can assist you with the hand-free option.


There are many benefits and features to use this product. Some of the most important benefits and features are discussed in detail. You can come across many other features as it is one of the best options for mothers and babies. 



We encourage a woman to try the products to feel feminine and beautiful while pregnant and postpartum.


This is a great fitting pump bra! The way that it's made it really holds the flanges /bottles securely in place so that you are completely hands free. 

Sara Green

This is a great product and it works just as described. I have a strapless hands free nursing bra but wanted something easier for pumping at work.

Jane Norris
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