Wearable Electric Breast Pumps

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Gone are the days when you’ve got to sit still in one place waiting for your breast pumping cycle to finish. With our wearable electric breast pump, you can perform all your everyday tasks while the pump gets to work. It features a super slim design that contours perfectly to your breasts and fits under your bra. Once in place, you can choose between 9 different suction levels and 2 pumping modes to easily adjust it as per your sensitivity and comfort.

The super quiet motor is designed specifically to allow you to pump when you’re in public without garnering unnecessary attention, to ensure that you feel comfortable. Compact and effective, our wearable electric breast pump requires no additional wires or bottles—simply wear it, power it on, and start pumping.

  • Promotes Lactation: The high-frequency microseismic pumping speed is gentle on your nipples and mimics the action of a baby to promote lactation.
  • No mess or backflow:The dual-channel anti-backflow prevents any reflux and enures a mess-free pumping session.
  • Rechargeable: Simply connect the breast pump to the USB cable and charge it.
  • Easy to clean: The milk collects directly in the 180ml cup and can be transferred easily to a bottle. Made using BPA free silicone, it can be cleaned by rinsing with water.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Bra adjustable buckle
  • 1USB cable
  • Silicone diaphragm*1;
  • Pump motor*1;
  • Silicone shield*1;
  • Valve*1;
  • Linker*1;
  • Milk Collector*1

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This is a great fitting pump bra! The way that it's made it really holds the flanges /bottles securely in place so that you are completely hands free. 

Sara Green

This is a great product and it works just as described. I have a strapless hands free nursing bra but wanted something easier for pumping at work.

Jane Norris
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