Replaceable Breast Pump Diaphragm + Valve

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Make your favorite hands-free breast pumps brand new all over again and resume hassle-free, convenient pumping just the way you like it.


Months of regular use can weaken the diaphragm of your breast pump, which can reduce the suction power of your pump. Not only does it take longer to pump but it may also reduce the amount of milk flow. Crafted with sturdy, durable silicone, the Momcozy Diaphragm restores your pump’s suction for quick, stress-free pumping.


No matter how often you pump, it is generally recommended to replace your breast pump valve every 1-3 months for improved functionality and hygiene. Replace your old duckbill valve with this original replacement for spill-proof and easy milk collection with no backflow.

  • Made of food-grade silicone and PP
  • Washable and sterilizable

Package includes: 1 pc diaphragm + 1 pc valve

We encourage a woman to try the products to feel feminine and beautiful while pregnant and postpartum.


This is a great fitting pump bra! The way that it's made it really holds the flanges /bottles securely in place so that you are completely hands free. 

Sara Green

This is a great product and it works just as described. I have a strapless hands free nursing bra but wanted something easier for pumping at work.

Jane Norris
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