Zomee Double Electric Breast Pump - a new Alternative for Moms

Nowadays, more and more women are choosing to use breast pumps. In order to help you make the right decision, we are going to explain how this devices work and why a Zomee breast pump might be the best option.


Importance of having a breast pump


Breast pumps are devices that help lactating women extract milk from their breasts. There is a strong practical reason for the interest on this products: they help the mothers return earlier to work. Also, another important benefit may be stimulating lactation, along with easing up a lot of tasks associated with breastfeeding.


We do have to say that it is crucial to choose the right breast-pump: it is a matter of both safety and quality of the experience. We will detaliate down below why a Zomee double electric breast pump might be what you wish as a customer.


How does the Zomee double electric breast pump work?


The Zomee double electric breast pump was created with the aim to imitate the baby's feeding habits, making the process more comfortable and relatable. It has two main modes, massage and expression. The massage mode extracts the milk in quick and short suctions. The expression mode presents longer suctions in order to maximise the milk flow. This can be controlled by using the interface.


Features and benefits


The Zomee double electric breast pump aims to make the process more comfortable and safe by providing a quick and easy manner of extracting the milk. Also, it ensures that the milk is in a proper condition, non-contaminated due to its system of preventing it to enter the tubes.


Getting an electric pump is a guaranteed way to make the process a lot more efficient. The Zomee double electric pump is proven to deliver 18% more milk than a single or manual pump.


Also, it comes with 5 massage modes and 9 expression levels: the needs of the mother and the baby are easier to be met with this whole range of options.


Another practical advantage of the Zomee double electric breast-pump is the low sound level: it can be used without worriying that somebody might be disturbed. It is also compact - a feature that might be taken into account by the working mothers who need a device that can be easily stored while comuting to the job.


Last, but not least, the interface of the Zomee double electric breast-pump is friendly and easy to use - changing levels can be done by a single touch.


Pros of the Zomee double electric breastpump


  1. Quick and efficient
  2. Easy to use
  3. Generally with a low sound level, making it abe to be used in public spaces
  4. Delivers 18% more milk than a single or manual pump
  5. Compact and lightweight
  6. An interface that is simple and easy to use
  7. Mainly positive reviews on Amazon


Cons of the Zomee double electric breast pump


When it comes to the cons, they are not easy to find as the reviewers on the main websites expressed positive appreciations in most cases. We managed to find two cons:


1.For some users, there were strenght issues

2.Rarely, there have been leakeges reported


Choosing the right breast pump is a task that should be taken seriously and assesed carefully. We believe that the Zomee double electric breast pump provides a couple of interesting features and it is worth to be taken into consideration.

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