Willow wearable breast pumps

Breastfeeding is a challenging journey for mothers, but being prepared for the sheer number of stamina, dedication and time is necessary to make breast milk feeding a successful journey for both mother and baby. However, most of the mothers go through a trial-and-error period at the beginning of their breast milk feeding journey which is quite painful. While wearable breast pump can help you to cherish the beautiful and intense bond creation which is caused by breast milk feeding.

Willow wearable breast pump

A brief historical overview of Willow wearable breast pump

Well, after listening about a flexible solution to make breastfeeding easier, everyone would definitely want to know more about the wearable breast pump brand and its successful brand and product development history. Therefore, to make things more understandable for you, here we have a brief historical overview of the Willow wearable breast pump. So, you can get to know more about things in this regard.

So, here we go:

The brand history you must know

Willow is an amazing startup company which is making its place in the industry of health and wellness by providing innovative wireless breast pump to breastfeeding mothers. With the amazing success of the brand, Willow is now all set to expand its product lines more effectively.

As the women who are breastfeeding most commonly go through the problems that are associated with breastfeeding mothers.

Willow is a team of mothers, fathers, inventors, researchers, and knowledgeable experts who are on the mission to help mothers live their lives in the best possible way even when they are on the journey of breast milk feeding to their babies.

Willow was started with the best hands-free pump. The first solution of the willow brand is a cordless breast pump that can fit into the bra and stays there out of the way. It is a wireless breast pump that comes up with no hassle of wires and dangling bottles.

Even more, it also has an app that will make it easier for users to keep track of their pumping habits more innovatively. So, breastfeeding mothers can easily choose as long as they want to feed their babies without giving up their dignity, and themselves completely.

The force behind the Willow wearable breast pump brand

Naomi Kelman is the president and CEO of Willow brand. She is the game changer behind this new, innovation and in the industry of new moms. Kelman is an expert on consumer products. Before moving to the healthcare sector, she has spent years at Clairol. Besides his extensive experience, she is also an advocate for women and sees unconditional commitment and love for new moms. Therefore, she created willow to help new moms in continuing to achieve their life goals without any limitations.

Willow is here to help women go about blazing on their own goals’ trail even if they are caring for their babies at the same time.

While developing the cordless breast pump, the major focus of Naomi was to keep the breast pump flange size and design simple but flexible while concentrating on the things in breast pump design and breast pump flange size that could benefit women in multiple ways.

Consistent development of brand

Willow is working consistently on providing the best possible solution to breast milk-feeding moms. So, they can keep their babies healthy while enjoying their freedom, maintaining their dignity, and doing their jobs in the best possible way.

With the willow brand, you can reimagine and innovate pumping. It is because willow has worked for years on the development, designing, and manufacturing of the best breast pump flange along with unique wearable and wireless breast pump.

Over time, willow has set out to deliver the best wearable breast pump along with the best breast pump flange to deliver what breastfeeding moms want the most. The brand is here to bring flexibility and freedom to breastfeeding mothers.

After creating 60 prototypes, willow has become able to create the first-ever and one of its own kind wearable breast pump options which helped the brand grow consistently.

Great Events

Willow is an award-winning brand that has gotten various awards and accolades for its amazing work. Here we have enlisted them to let you know more:

  1. The Bump, best hands-free pump
  2. Baby List has also voted Willow as the Best cordless breast pump of 2019.
  3. Willow has also won the CES innovation awards of 2018.
  4. Willow wearable breast pump is also in the list of top 25 innovations by Time.

Product development

The willow is here with an all-in-one leak-proof, and gravity-defying wearable pump design along with comfortable pumping flanges.

  • With willow products, you can experience ultimate mobility and enjoy the freedom of 360-degree. It is because the wearable breast pump here comes up with sealed bags.
  • You can also experience 190-degree mobility when you are using it with a reusable container.
  • Surprisingly, you can use these breast pump available with pumping flanges while performing different physical activities as well including walking, yoga, carrying a toddler, picking up toys, lying down, working at a desk, and many more. Overall, you can use the willow wearable breast pump anywhere, any time without any problem.
  • The willow breast pump comes up with a pumping rhythm and suction seal designed particularly around how your baby feeds. This way, you can experience no leaks as compared to other breast pumps available in the market.
  • Key features of willow breast pump include adjustable suction, smart sensor, flaxetube, battery, and flange.

So, you can easily control and track your breast pump with a connected mobile application.

Representative products of Willow wearable breast pump brand

The key categories of representative willow brand include:

Milk bags

Below are some of features of Milk Bags

· Storage capacity

We provide the best storage capacity which can keep the milk fresh for a longer time. You can store the milk for the baby which can be utilized later. These bags are made after a lot of thought and effort keeping the health issues of babies in mind. They are also designed for the convenience of mothers. 

· Safety and protection

These bags will provide safety and protection for the milk. The best feature about this bag is that it has the ability to keep it fresh for the baby. If you have to go somewhere urgently you can utilize these bags because they will provide you with a lot of conveniences. They are designed for the purpose of providing safety and protection for you and your baby. 

Milk containers

It is very important to carry milk containers with newborn babies. You have to take a lot of care while selecting milk containers because they should be made up of high-quality material. You should be vigilant about selecting milk containers because your baby's health depends on them. 

· High-quality material

We provide milk containers that are made of high-quality material. They are made up of safe material that can not damage the health of your baby even if the milk is stored in it for a longer time. You can purchase our product without thinking twice. We do not compromise on the quality of the work product which is why it is the best option available for you. 

· More capacity and storage 

You can get more capacity and storage in the milk containers provided by us. This will keep your baby going for a longer time. You should get your hands on these milk containers if you want safety and protection for your baby. You can get a lot of features from the milk containers designed by us. 

Wearable breast pump

· Convenient for mothers

It has a lot of features and benefits, which are especially beneficial for mothers who are often busy with other things. It can give them the freedom to pump while also taking care of their other responsibilities. Before buying a breast pump, you should think about your lifestyle.

· Safe products with health benefits

You should also be aware of the drawbacks and consult your doctor about them. You should have a physical exam and have your breast tissues checked because breast pumps can injure them if they are not strong enough.

 Before you buy a breast pump, there are a few things you should consider. We provide you with the best products that are safer to use. You can also get medical advice from our professional tool.

You can easily choose the one that you find best for your needs here with ease. Make sure to learn how to size yourself to make the most out of it in the best possible way.


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