Which electric breast pump should I buy?

Compilation with the latest news for 2021 in wireless and portable breast pumps

Whether you are a future mother, as if you already are and you are starting on this adventure, or waiting for a second baby, one of the topics that is most discussed in motherhood is breastfeeding, and everything that derives from it. Concerns about whether it will be possible to offer the baby breastfeeding for a certain time, organize milk banks for the return to work, or if the couple wants to participate in the process of feeding the baby with milk, are some of the approaches that surround head. And it is here, where breast pumps become part of maternity, either because a specific extraction is needed or if, on the contrary, it will be the ally to increase milk production and have greater storage, among many other scenarios.

As everything in life evolves, the case of breast pumps has not been the exception, and has gone from manual breast pumps, to breast pumps with batteries connected to the electric current and currently to breast pumps electric and portable. The latter has been one of the best inventions to help mothers in breastfeeding, and there are many brands that market their models with new features to make the extraction task easier.

Before showing a compilation with the latest developments for 2021 in electric breast pumps, you need to know that they all fulfill, in one way or another, the same function; And to be able to choose, it is important that you can put yourself in a situation regarding the style and rhythm of life that you lead:

 - If you are a mother who works and, at the same time, you take care of the house, it is best to choose an ergonomic model that you can transport comfortably and that allows you to extract quickly and easily.

- If you suffer from any illness or setback with your breasts and it hurts when he sucks, it will be better to have a complex model that intelligently regulates the vacuum available and, likewise, the pressure does not hurt you.

- If, on the other hand, you have little time and you need to feed your baby quickly, a double electric pump may be a good choice. Thanks to its double bottle technology, it will be easier and faster to express milk from both breasts.

After having clear the scenario to which it will be used and adapted to your lifestyle, it will be time to show you the latest developments for 2021 in electric breast pumps:


The first of them is the S1PLUS from SPECTRA BABY USA, whose main characteristics are that it has a closed system, that is, it is not necessary to clean the narrow tube because it has a pumping system that keeps the tube dry, preventing air from flowing between the milk itself and pumping tubes while pumping is performed. This helps protect your breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold, and other viruses while the pump is taking place.

In addition, it has a practical built-in rechargeable battery, and each mother can customize the pump settings according to how her own body responds and track her flow until she finds the most suitable setting for her, using the suction process that takes two phases and that goes from suction mode for milk discharge to natural extraction mode.

This pump is very innovative, light, silent and portable, and has a technology similar to the natural suction of babies, and a very favorable point that mothers love is that it has a night light so at night they will not wake up the baby or the couple, in addition, it weighs less than 1.5kg, so transporting it will not be a problem, and it can be used in both a single and double extraction version for both breasts.




The second that came to innovate the extraction technique is the ELVIE, since it is the first hands-free extractor that is worn without cables, tubes or containers, this being one of its most notable characteristics. It is a pump and milk container at the same time, it is so small that it fits in the nursing bra, and it is completely silent. In addition, it operates in two modes simulation and expression and can be customized with 7 different intensity settings. Includes two cup sizes and a third can be purchased separately. Importantly, the battery charges in two hours and the pump can connect to its own free Elvie app to monitor milk volume in real time, have a report on your pumping history, and control pumping remotely. If you are one of the moms who has a lot of milk, the internal container holds a maximum of 5 ounces (148 ml) of milk; So, if you tend to fill more, you will need to empty it in the middle of the session.

 Elvie breast pump

The third proposal is this compilation of 2021 is the FREEMIE LIBERTY WERABLE, considered as the lightest extractor on the market, being its main characteristic. It is an innovative wearable pump, which leaves full freedom of movement to do what is necessary while pumping. It is a small puller, the size of the palm of your hand, and can be attached to a belt using a clip, or carried in a purse. Milk is stored in cups that are shaped like the breast and fit inside the bra. Each cup can hold up to 8 ounces of milk (236.5 ml.). The extractor is rechargeable via USB or standard plug. In addition, it has a programmable sleep timer that allows you to express milk while sleeping. Another nifty option is that it allows you to buy the Freemie cups only, and use them with another compatible extractor (including brands like Ameda, Spectra and Evenflo). It is important to note that the battery usually lasts an hour, approximately, and although it does not make a lot of noise, it is not silent either. Another important aspect is that there is a tube that goes from the cup that is in the bra to the pump, which can be hidden but will be felt under clothing.


As the fourth best-selling electric pump proposal in 2021 we have that of the renowned brand MEDELA model SWING, which has 2 Phase Expression technology being its most relevant characteristic, which allows to extract milk in a shorter period of time. Thanks to this, the mother will be able to carry out other tasks with the time saved. It can be used on all kinds of occasions, whether you want to express milk occasionally or if you want to express continuously. The model has been prepared to perfectly simulate the baby's sucking; This way the breast and nipple of the mother will not suffer, hence it can be used daily. In addition, it has a system that helps promote long-term milk production, thus, the baby can be guaranteed that he will have breast milk throughout the lactation stage. Also, it is a very discreet device and makes very little noise, so you can perform the extraction anywhere. Its programming is with buttons, and that has been somewhat unfavorable for not having a touch screen, but they have released a new model with the same characteristics as this one, but it adapts the improvement of the touch system being the Free Style Flex.

 Medela electric breast pump

Medela breast pump



Continuing with the news is the AMEDA MYA PORTABLE PUMP. This Ameda model is small, super light, weighing just over 225 grams, and portable, these being its most notable characteristics. It has a power adapter and a rechargeable battery that lasts two hours, and you can adjust the suction and speed, plus it can be used with one or both cups. It also has a closed system, so the milk cannot stay in the tubes or in the pump. Includes 5-ounce bottles (about 140 ml) and their corresponding caps. The Mya pump has an ultra-quiet electric motor that runs at less than 45 dB for better privacy when pumping on the go and one of its strongest points is that it has a customizable Double Pump, as no two pumping sessions are the same, Models are 2-phase with 10 unique levels of expression mode and 5 levels of massage mode.



Continuing with the list, you will find THE LITTLE MARTIN´S BBP1607, this electric breast pump has a rechargeable and portable battery. It has a rhythmic movement design to make the process more pleasant and 20 different patterns for pumping the milk, being one of its main characteristics in addition to its low cost compared to its benefits. In addition, it has added silicone protectors that make the extraction process more comfortable and safe and that adapt very softly to the breast.



 Another of the new electric pumps of this 2021 is THE BELLABABY BRAND, which includes 2 adapters and 10 storage bags, to store the expressed milk and store it easily. This electric breast pump also has a high definition screen that clearly and visually displays information about the chosen suction time and mode or the remaining battery power. A very notable feature is that it has a 2200 mAh battery, with plenty of autonomy, perfect for traveling.


 There is an extractor that is very popular among new mothers, because it is very versatile since it combines portable and manual electric extraction to cover all tastes, this being its main characteristic and that of the BAMMAX firm. It has 2 modes of extraction, massage and suction, although the latter can increase the levels up to 9 to adjust the work as much as possible and resemble what would be a real sensation of baby sucking. It recharges via USB in a maximum of 2.5 hours and being so compact, it is easily stored.



 Continuing with the list, the Italian firm CHICCO, has the NaturallyMe model. This electric pump has 2 suction modes with 10 intensities each, which simulate the behavior of the baby: a first stimulation phase, which favors the release of milk, and another extraction being its main characteristic. It also has a universal funnel size that adapts to any size of breasts, and a particularity is that it includes as an accessory the Natural feeling bottle with nipple, which replicates the baby's natural sucking form.



Another interesting proposal is THE AVAILAND NATURE SMART3. This portable extractor is designed for frequent use, rather for the home, since the motor unit is somewhat heavy. Availand uses Smart3 technology which is a 3-phase extraction concept: massage, pressure and absorption. It is quite silent and the power in each phase can be regulated up to 9 levels, so it can be adjusted as the mother feels best. In addition, it has a lithium battery with 3 hours of autonomy in extraction, and it comes with a very soft silicone funnel of one size, which adapts to any nipple.




As the latest novelty of portable electric breast pumps of 2021 is the YUNBABY, perhaps it is a less well-known brand, but it has very good opinions from many mothers.

The value for money of this extractor is very good. Among its main characteristics is that it is a double pump, which has 5 suction modes and 9 intensity levels, which makes it a very versatile breast pump. Likewise, its cushion is shaped like petals that simulates the baby's mouth, which facilitates a comfortable and painless suction, in addition to its accessories include 2 nipples, 5 breast milk storage bags and 2 replacement valves, which not all models on the market have various accessories.




The list of electric and portable breast pumps that exist on the market are very extensive, and we could continue to describe both well-known models and brands, as well as new proposals that are proving quite acceptable and with very good comments from mothers, who, in the end and after all, they are the ones who use it.


It is very important to emphasize that regardless of the extractor you choose, this equipment when using it should be pleasant for you, and at no time should it hurt, so, if it happens to you, in many cases it is not the fault of the purchased model but of the bad choice, for this, it will be necessary to see the different options, characteristics, your breast physiognomy and try, because in the end, proving is that you can have the best and most pleasant experience.





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