Wearable Breast Pump – Hands Free Convenience for New Moms

When the time comes to welcome your new baby into the world, you have many decisions to make about the methods and product to use to take care of them best. If you plan to breast feed, a new option offers amazing convenience and comfort: a hands free, wearable breast pump.

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Modern women have very busy lives already and becoming a mother does not make it slow down at all. You may find it difficult to find time to sit down and pump breast milk without distractions or your baby needing you. Also, many women are concerned about privacy when it comes to using a breast pump, so they want a model that is as small, unobtrusive, and quiet as possible.


A Wearable Breast Pump Means Convenience


All these issues and desires point to one type of product that has become a must-have before you bring your newborn home. A hands free breast pump offers the ultimate in convenience for a variety of reasons. You do not have to juggle large or awkward mechanisms that only work well when you are sitting down and have your hands engaged with the process. This makes it impossible for you to do anything else like read a book, check messages on your phone, or even hold your baby.


These types of breast pumps represent the best choice for women who need to go back to work while still breast feeding their new son or daughter. Modern offices and other workplaces are not always the best environments to take care of your needs. You may not have the luxury of a comfortable and private nursing room in all situations. You may also lack sufficient break time to handle the whole process with a more complicated piece of equipment. A small and simple to use option helps you take care of your parental responsibility no matter where you work, how much time you have, and what you are wearing.


A wearable breast pump suits most women much more than other options. Besides the convenience, there is also a high degree of comfort involved with the process. Once you set things up and fit the apparatus properly, you can simply sit back and complete the task without more manipulation. It is, of course, important to get a specific type that your body the best. This makes for maximum comfort so you can collect all the milk your little one needs.


A Wireless Breast Pump Is Simple to Use


The world runs on wireless technology, so why expect any less from the essential gear of motherhood? A large part of choosing a wireless breast pump is also for convenience sake. You do not have to stay near an outlet like with old-fashioned models or fuss with batteries, either. The best options charge just like your phone, smart gadgets, or children's toys. You can plug them into a USB charger with ease and have them ready exactly when you need them.


For comfort, convenience, and ease-of-use, nothing beats the modern wearable breast pumps. As you prepare for the birth of your child and by all the gear you need, consider the following options of top-rated hands free breast pump products.


Important Facts About Breast Milk Pumping


Would you believe there was a time not that long ago when formula was recommended as the healthiest option for feeding infants? These days, the "breast is best" claim is backed up by a lot of nutritional and medical data. For women who are able to breast feed, it is important to approach the whole thing from a place of true understanding. Some new mothers may assume that infants automatically know how to nurse, and that their bodies will naturally deliver exactly the right amount of sustenance every time.


Unfortunately, this is not true for the majority of women who choose to breast feed. Pumping is a necessary part of their new habit as a parent. The when, how much, and how often questions are very difficult answer in a general sense. It depends largely on how much milk you produce, when, and how much you need stored for your baby's needs.


Use a breast pump days or weeks before you return to work or school. This will get you and your body used to process and make sure your baby can drink successfully from a bottle of expressed milk by that time. Align pumping sessions with your breast feeding schedule if possible. This helps stimulate production when your baby needs it.


Most of all, use a comfortable and efficient wearable breast pump to help you through this sometimes difficult time. When you feel tired from staying up all night with your new baby, juggling complicated equipment is not something you want to do. If you are worried about proper nutrition or producing sufficient milk, you do not need to make the process any more uncomfortable with a bulky apparatus.


Breast Pump Options to Consider


The decision about which breast pump to purchase and use depends on the individual woman's comfort with the product and process. However, a wearable breast pump offers more convenience, which only gets better when you consider hands free and wireless options. Two main types of traditional pumps exist: manual and electric.


Manual pumps are, as the name implies, operated by hand. Their small sizes make them convenient for quick expression, but they lack the convenience of powered options. After all, you would have to sit there and focus on operating the pump rather than doing anything else.


Electric pumps are the obvious choice for busy mothers who preferred to focus on things beyond expressing breast milk. They offer convenience as long as you are near an electrical outlet, have batteries on hand, or have recharged the system sufficiently. They are larger and thus more difficult to take with you to work, a friend's house, or on an outing. Also, some women do not like the noise they make it compromises their discretion.


Modern wireless breast pumps offer the best of both worlds. You do not have to plug them in so you can use them anywhere. They are generally lightweight and relatively quiet, which helps you remain discrete when preparing to feed your baby.



Cherishal Wearable Electric Breast Pump


This wireless breast pump from Cherishal is everything a new mother needs to comfortably and conveniently express sufficient milk for her new baby. The design of this unique product came about after carefully paying attention to what breast feeding mothers needed and wanted in a pump.


The most requested features that women ask for include a comfortable way of attaching it with suction to their breasts, ease of use overall, safe materials that will not compromise the quality of their milk, a quiet motor with sufficient power for multiple settings, and an unobtrusive design that they can use at any time and in any place. This is also one of the least expensive options on the list. You do not have to spend huge amounts for the highest quality.


How does Cherishal succeed at delivering the perfect option with a focus on those needs?


1 – Comfortable Wearability – The flexible silicone cup provides an easy fit for the vast majority of women. It does not involve hard plastic like older models may or uncomfortable edges that may cause pressure points or uncomfortable rubbing on your sensitive skin.


This wearable breast pump is so small and lightweight when compared with other models that you can easily wear it for an extended period of time inside your bra. It is truly a model that you can move around while using.


2 – Adjustable Suction – Different women need different levels of power depending on milk flow at any given time. The Cherishal pump offers nine different levels for maximum customization. It also includes two pumping modes for your convenience. This means that you can adjust your experience lately depending on your needs at a particular time. After all, every time you express milk for your baby will not work the same way. Increase your chance of every time comfort with adjustable settings like these.


3 – Quiet Operation – The last thing you want is a buzzing or humming motor getting in the way of your relaxation or bonding time with your baby. Also, when you have to pump at work or out and about anywhere else, you do not want to attract attention with a loud sound. Enjoy ultra quiet use with this wireless breast pump every time.


4 – Rechargeable Power – Forget plugs and batteries that you have to replace far too frequently for convenience. Almost everything in your life is rechargeable these days from phones to power tools. Why not choose the ultimate convenience of a rechargeable wireless breast pump, too? The Cherishal pump comes with a convenient USB cord that keeps you powered up when ever you need it.


Choosing the best wearable breast pump depends on a long list of factors unique to you as a new mother. No other product's usability depends on your level of comfort with every aspect of its design and function. The last thing you want to do is feel uncomfortable while performing one of the most essential tasks of providing nutrition for your infant.


The size, shape, weight, and settings of the pump you choose all factor into the final decision. So much more goes into it, however. Things like wireless function, easy recharging of power with a USB plug, and completely hands free operation all contribute to ease of use. You are a busy new mother, and the last thing you need is more complication and wasted time trying to figure out or operate this essential piece of equipment.





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