Wearable Breast Pump – Buying Guide

Wearable Breast Pump – Buying Guide
Wireless breast pump for working mom

Everymom’s body has different needs. Just because one particular variant workednicely for some woman in your neighborhood does not mean it’ll work out for youin a similar way. To clear up any last ounce of confusion that you might have inyour mind, here is the list of some key aspects to consider while shopping for a wearable breast pump for yourself:

Suction Strength

You’veunderstood that our body produces only as much milk as your child needs. Yes, MotherNature is that precise. If you purchase a breast pump whose suction power doesnot mimic the suction strength of the child during the nursing, it might delaythe letdown. You can leave the full guesswork fuss out of question by optingfor a variant offering adjustable suction strength. It is not only the mostfeasible choice for mothers with underactive letdown reflex but is also ablessing for ladies dealing with breast engorgement rapidly after delivery.

Expression Technology

It is not unusual to have less during the primary few months after delivery. Somebodies just need time to adjust to this new phase than others. If you canafford to stretch your wallet slightly more, I would suggest you go for a wearablebreast pump equipped with two-phase expression technology. These will stimulate your breast for 2 to 3 minutes to boost the flow and begin expressing. Some wearable breast pump models also have a dedicated let down button to assist you to speed up the letdown for a fully pain-free yet fast pumping process.

Milk Storage

Some models come with bottles that swiftly connect to the flange while a few wearable breast pumps come with simple to use bags. Bags might be simple tocarry but if you’re pumping a lot daily, you’ve to purchase a few dozen bags whichwould be cheap. in that case, you’d keep 2 or 3 reusable bottles handy for your regular pumping sessions and reserve the bags just for storing and freezing thefreshly expressed milk.


To choose the best wearable breast pump for your specific needs without exceeding your range, you needto determine how much mobility you actually need. If you want the freedom toroam around with a slight, truly wireless device under your bra, go for abattery-operated pump by all means. Though most budget battery-powered models have substantiality less suction level than electricity power counterpart. If you’ve already determined to get a wearable electric breast pump, try to gethands-on a model that comes with a direct current power adapter.


It is not just annoying but also insanely tough to clean and sterilize a breast pump that has dozens of parts. You’d need to keep things as simple as possible.I would say 2 to 5 washable accessories are acceptable but annoying more than thatis not worth the try. Keep in mind that at the last of the day, a wearable breast pump needs to be functional, and it does not necessarily have to come at cost of extreme maintenance.

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