Top Features to Look for in a Wearable Breast Pump

Breastfeeding offers your new bundle of joy the healthiest diet possible when it comes to both nutrition and bonding time with you. While relaxing in a comfortable spot and feeding your infant is a wonderful thing, the reality of breastfeeding involves regular pumping to keep milk production high and supply efficient to feed with bottles when you are not available. For working mothers and those with otherwise busy schedules, pumping is a must.


You do not have to compromise comfort, convenience, or discretion when using a breast pump these days. A wearable breast pump, like the exceptionally comfortable one from Cherishal, allows you to express milk at your convenience without the heavy and cumbersome mechanisms your mother had to use. A hands free breast pump gives you the freedom to tackle your to-do list, work from home, and cuddle your baby with ease during the process. This wireless breast pump makes it easy to handle pumping whenever and wherever you need to.


When it comes time to shop for the right breast pump for you, it is important to look at all the necessary features and compare them between brands and models. If you are a first-time mother who is only learning about breast feeding now, the choices may seem excessively complex. If you are having your second, third, or later child, you probably want to upgrade from an older model to something new and more technologically advanced.


Please remember that the FDA and all major parenting and lactation experts consider breast pumps a single-user device. They recommend that you use a new one with every baby to make sure it is in good working order and sanitary.


Wearability and Comfort


Unfortunately, expressing breast milk is not always the most comfortable process. Breast feeding mothers know about soreness, irritation, and other issues that affect the delicate skin of that area. This is just one of the reasons why a wearable breast pump must be comfortable above all else. The last thing you want to do is cause issues that get in the way of feeding your baby directly.


What makes a pump comfortable comes directly from its structure, weight, and how it attaches. In most cases, the lighter it is, the less it will pull uncomfortably. Choosing one that fits inside your bra makes sense because you will get the support you need without gravity affecting your comfort levels. Make sure to pick one that is the correct size for your breasts. Also, ones with milk containers as part of the main structure are frequently more wearable than those with separate bottles or bags.


Hands Free Usability


The ability to use a pump effectively and efficiently also depends on how much you have to hold and manipulate during the process. Hands free breast pumps offer the mother of a young baby or toddler the ultimate in convenience. Old-fashion models make you sit down, stay relatively still, and adjust settings with your hands sometimes multiple times throughout the session. Newer ones, like the affordable Cherishal model, offer the benefit of numerous settings that you can trigger with a simple press of a button. This means less time fussing about and more time focusing on all the other things you need to do.


Electric hands free breast pumps also outshine manual ones by if our margin. Although having an extremely simple, hand-powered pump can be quite useful for occasional milk collection, the automatic ones are necessary for regular circumstances. Not only do they often operate better, but they also save your hands from the risk of repeated stress injuries and fatigue. If you have a newborn at home, you have enough stress and fatigue already.


Settings for Suction and Pumping


Breast feeding and using a hands free breast pump do not include a "set it and forget it" process for most women. Although things like comfort and the convenience of operation without continual adjustments matters when choosing the right product for you, the ability to have different settings is incredibly necessary. Different stages of each pumping session need proper support and assistance to get done with the most comfort, speed, and productivity possible.


After all, not every woman is the same, and it is impossible for pump manufacturers to design a product that suits everyone's needs. Look for one with enough options to help you find the right one for you but without an excessive number that may introduce complexity and indecision. Some experimentation at the beginning and even throughout the process may be necessary for you to set up your wearable breast pump perfectly for you.


Wireless Use and Recharging


Can you imagine running an extension cord from the wall socket to your breast pump? How would you feel if you always had to sit in the same spot near an outlet whenever you needed to express milk for your baby? These questions seem almost ludicrous in it these days when every gadget is rechargeable and wireless. No one uses a landline phone anymore, and no one should have to plug in their breast feeding pumps either.


When it comes to wireless breast pump, there are two main factors to consider. First of all, how does the recharging process work? In the majority of products, including the Cherishal one, product package includes a convenient USB charging cord. This means you can plug the apparatus into a wall socket, your computer, or even your car's charging port just like you do with your phone. Nothing offers more on the go convenience than this type of chargeability.


The second factor for consideration involves how long the charge lasts and if it is sufficient to your specific needs. It would be unusual to find a rechargeable pump that loses power in an hour or two. Most women find that they only need to plug it in overnight or when not in use a couple of times a day. This allows you to take the bare minimum to work, out shopping, or to a friend's house when you are still expressing breast milk for your baby. It helps a lot with discretion when you do not have to ask for a power cord or access to an outlet.


Convenience of Milk Storage and Transfer


The primary reason to use a wearable breast pump is to collect milk for your baby to drink when you are not available for breastfeeding directly. Although mothers also use them to prevent leakage and maximize milk production for a longer period of time, the majority of the milk expressed ends up in your baby's belly.


Some manufacturers make pumps with miniature bottles that attach securely to the cup and motor. These are impossible to wear discreetly no matter what type of shirt, scarf, or jacket you put on over it. Others use bags that lie flat against your body or are otherwise into your undergarments. With proper attachment efforts, they are secure and collect the milk in a convenient fashion. However, since they are flexible, moving around may squish them and cause leakage. Also, you need to remove them promptly and transfer the milk supply into a sturdy bottle or storage container. More may get stuck in a disposable bag than it would in a solid reservoir.


The most convenient wearable breast pump milk storage options are part of the structure that goes around the breast itself. While they may not have as much volume as other types, they are the most convenient, risk-free, and reusable. All you need to do is remove the pump, detach the storage container, and pour it into a bottle for use. Since you clean and use these again and again, they are much more environmentally conscious and affordable than disposable bags.


Other Features to Consider


Although not a feature of a wearable breast pump, price factors into the decision of which brand to buy for many women. Do not fall into the trap of expecting that the most expensive types are necessarily the best. This holds true for any purchase for your baby, yourself, your home, or anywhere. Breast pumps range in price from around $50 to over $500. Ultimately, you need to decide whether the price point of your chosen option makes sense or not.


Other options to consider may suit your personal tastes or improve usability for some women. For example, some pump kits come with a convenient bag or case to carry or store everything in. Although this is nice, it is not too difficult to find your own. Extra charging cables, breast feeding fact booklets, and connected phone apps may be of interest to some women but are not necessary to get the job done.


As a new mother, you have many things to worry about and get done every day. Do not make expressing milk more difficult or uncomfortable than it has to be. When you choose a lightweight, customizable, and comfortable wearable breast pump, providing the healthiest nutrition to your baby becomes so much simpler and worry free. The Cherishal hands free and wireless pump offers all the features you need and want at an affordable price.

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