The Top 5 Breast Pumps of 2021

Getting a wearable breast pump has become very important in this era of the hectic world. It is never an easy thing for women to handle everything like the house chores or her work life with her baby at the same time. This is the time when the wearable breast pump brings a lot of ease and comfort in her life.

One thing that is good for the moms is that there are a lot of manufacturers making their products for the ease of moms. However, this wide array of manufacturers also makes it very difficult for some mothers to select the best wearable breast pump. So, if you are also looking for how to choose a breast pump, then you are at the right place.

Here we will be discussing the best 5 free breast pump products that you can get in 2021.

Elvie Pump

The first one here on our list is the Elvie pump review. The reason for the Elvie pump review being on the top is that it has become a very popular product in the whole world. The pump brings a lot of features for everyone that makes it the best choice and there are a lot of features of using this free Breast pump as well. Here we will discuss some of them.


The following are some features that must be included in the Elvie pump review.

  • Pumping on your terms.

The feature of this wearable breast pump is that it has no tubes or wires dangling around. This means that you just need to place it in the right position, and it will do its job. Now you do not need to be busy washing the tubes or doing the wire management around you.

  • Completely wearable.

One of the most amazing things about this wearable breast pump is that it fits in most of the clothes. This means that you can use it wherever and whenever you want or need it.

  • Silent

A great example of amazing engineering, this wearable breast pump is not only great in terms of design, but it is also an amazing thing because of being silent. This makes this free breast pump a great option to be used on the go without having any embarrassment.

  • Hassle-free

The simplistic yet feature-rich design of this pump makes it very hassle-free for using. The minimal 5 parts design allows for easy cleaning and assembling.

  • Smart and responsive

Apart from all those features, one of the most futuristic features of this product is that it comes with a mobile application that makes it very easy to monitor its usage. Similarly, the pump itself is very intelligent so it switches automatically between pumping modes or auto stops when the bottle is full.

Willow wearable breast pump

Willow is another brand that has come up with an amazing design for the free breast pump. Not only the design provided here is great, but it also comes with some amazing features. So, the following are some of the features of this automatic free breast pump.


The following are some of the features of the Willow free breast pump.

  • Works in any position.

The soft container of this breast pump makes them very functional in most of the positions. This makes them a great product to be used while working.

  • Comfort at your call.

One of the best things about this pump is the design that allows it to be very comfortable.

  • Smart application.

The mobile application of the breast pump makes it very easy for the user to track the whole history and volume of milk.

  • Disposable containers.

A great feature that most users like about this pump is that it can be used with disposable containers that are also usable. This means a lot of cleaning time is saved.

Freemie Breast Pump

Although this breast pump product is not like all of the other wearable pumps, this is still one of the most selling products in the world. All of this because of the design that makes it a perfect choice for most women. If you are searching for how to choose a breast pump, the features of this product may give you the best answer to your question.


The following are some features of this product.

  • Hands Free pumping.

The small yet powerful pump makes it a great product because this means that you can pump hands-free that brings a lot of convenience.

The cups are available in a lot of different sizes so every customer can get the vest fit to get additional comfort and reliability against leakage.

  • Safety

This pump brings a lot of safety because of the products used for its production. These are completely safe to be used by moms and babies.

Medela Harmony manual breast pump

Sometimes having a pump is not the need of most women because their life routine allows them to easily manage things. However, having a pump is still a great option because it helps in traveling and some other occasions. This is the pump that can be your perfect companion in this case.


The following are some features of this product.

  • Compact

Despite being handheld and manually operated, the design of this pump is very compact for easier carrying and storing.

The soft breast shields of this pump provide a very comfortable usage feel.

Medela Freestyle Flex breast pump

Having an automatic pump that is powerful enough is what some women want. While the wearable pumps do not provide the best performance for the sake of being compact, this is the product that has everything a mother will need.


Some of its features are listed below.

  • Small you powerful

Although the pump features a very simple and compact design, the powerful pump makes it perform very well.

  • Easy to use.

The interactive screen with all the information makes it very easy to use and monitor.

Final Thoughts

How to choose a breast pump is the question most women have. However, with the reviews, you can easily make the buying decision. Here we picked the best products from different categories depending on the design and performance that you can buy in 2021.


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