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Breastfeeding comes with a lot of benefits for a working woman because for working mothers being around their newly born babies at any time of the day because of their work. Being busy with household chores as well as outdoor responsibilities, the entire day for a mother can be extremely tiresome. For her ease, the best breast pumps are introduced of the spectra breast pump by the Spectra Baby USA.

An overview of the brand: Spectra Baby USA

Spectra Baby USA

The team of the Spectra Baby USA consists of mommies, daddies, and sons to assist the nursing mothers and their newly born babies. Spectra breast pumps are of different types.

The double electric breast pumps are developed with the core responsibility to provide benefits and comfort to nursing mothers. One way of providing customer care, the spectra breast pumps follow the advanced nursing technology so that they can aid the mothers in every possible way.

Spectra Baby USA tends to import high-quality spectra breast pumps and ensure that these electric breast pumps are high-performing breast pumps. The spectra electric breast pumps are available online easily for the comfort of nursing mothers.

Historical outline of the Spectra baby USA

The CEO of Spectra Baby USA, Heidi Humphries, was a nurse at the Broward General Medical Center. She used to work in the newly born babies' care unit. The experience of working in the neonatal unit and being a new nursing mother herself knew the needs of the mothers.

It was the need that made her realize the essentiality of breastfeeding and pumping. After the years passed that was full of hard work, determination, and willpower, Humphries introduced the Spectra Baby USA in the year 2011. Since 2011 the Spectra Baby USA has become one of the top brands that deal with the best breast pumps with amazing quality, innovative technology, and pretty designs.

The team that operates Spectra Baby the USA

The Spectra Baby USA is a woman-owned business. It is a privately held organization that deals in the best beat pump for nursing mothers providing them with the amazing products of electric breast pumps. The headquarters of Spectra Baby USA is present in South Florida, USA. The CEO of the Spectra Baby USA is Heidi Humphries.

To aid the mothers you can find the best breast pumps of Spectra Baby USA online on their official website. One can also get their hands on the breast pumps through the retailers and the distributors that deal in the medical tools. The lactation centers also deal in the breast pumps of Spectra Baby USA.

Growth of Spectra Baby USA

As time has passed, nursing mothers are becoming aware of the breast pumps and their advantages which has increased the demand for them. Spectra Baby USA, with its increasing demand with time, has now introduced the amazing and new electric breast pumps to the market which follows the new innovative technology strategies.

These new in-market breast pumps are extremely affordable for nursing mothers to purchase. Along with the introduction of new products with amazing quality, they have also introduced new designs so that their mothers enjoy the high-quality product with beautiful and presentable designs. Spectra Baby USA is a number one brand in the United Kingdom and Australia. In the recent expansion, their products are now available in the United States.

Great Events

Just recently the Spectra Baby USA updated their website that South Florida Business & Wealth (SFBW) has awarded them with the 2021 Prestigious Women Award.

 A virtual reception ceremony was held where the achievement was celebrated and the team was congratulated and appreciated.  The Prestigious Women Award holds very high regard. It is awarded to those who are nominated by the public. The award holds great regard because it is an honorary reward for all the women who start their businesses.

The development of the products

The range of the products is being planned to be introduced by the spectra baby USA. The range of electric breast pumps is extremely exciting. Spectra baby USA have developed their products and have ensured that their products are safe and hygienic, free of BPA, the design is stylish enough and these are extremely affordable. Following explains some of the features of the best breast pumps of spectra baby USA.

Hygienic, clean, and safe

It is ensured that the breast pumps are extremely healthy, safe, and hygienic. All of the pumps present in the breast pumps are developed in such a way that it provides backflow protection so that the milk is stopped from going back in the tube to avoid the risk of mold formation, virus transmission, and impairment of the motor.

Free of BPA

All the tools that come in contact are made sure that they are free of BPA.

Design and style of the products

All of the designs that the breast pumping products are extremely beautiful and eye-catching. They come in different colors.

Innovative products

The electric breast pumps have all the features that a nursing mother could require for herself. It has the double-sided expressing capability, a cycle length that can be adjusted accordingly to batteries that can be recharged. The recharging of batteries feature is available in some of the features only.


The electric breast pumps of the spectra baby USA are extremely affordable and are easily available in the market with no compromise on the quality.

Representative products of Sparta baby USA breast pumps

The key products of Sparta baby USA electric breast pumps

Spectra S2 breast pump

The Spectra S2 breast pump is the discrete breast pump that provides a good service if one wants to use it in public. The spectra S2 plus is a closed system to maintain hygiene. These breast pumps are affordable and easily available in the markets.


Spectra S2 baby USA comes with amazing features. Some of them are as following

· Pumps

The spectra s2 plus comes with different accessories. One of them is the pumps through which the smooth suction of the milk takes place.

· Bottles

The spectra s2 breast pumps come with two milk bottles to store the milk that has been pumped out.

· Breast shields

Spectra baby USA s2 also comes with a pair of breast shields that ensure the soothing pumping of milk.

· Tubes and flanges

Another accessory of the spectra s2 is the two suction tubes and two flanges.

· Adapter

The spectra s2 has an AC adapter as well.


Spectra 9 Plus breast pump

The spectra 9 plus is an amazing electric breast pump by the spectra Baby USA. Spectra 9 plus is the part of the spectra breast pump line and it is specifically designed for those mothers who are looking for compactness and amazing performance.

The design of the Spectra 9 plus is extremely sleek and small. It can be recharged. The weight of the spectra 9 plus is ½ lb. Moreover, the Spectra 9 plus comes with amazing features that make pumping the milk easy and natural.

Features of Spectra 9 plus

Some of the amazing features of the spectra 9 plus are as following

· Pumps

The spectra 9 plus come with the capability of a single and double pump. There is another facility provided to the customers by offering them a warranty of 2 years on the pumps and of 90 days on the accessories of the entire spectra 9 plus tool.

· Vacuum

The vacuum can suck up to the extent of the L10.

· Weight

The spectra 9 plus is not heavy at all. Its weight is only 0.5 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around for the nursing mother.

· Screen

The spectra 9 plus also comes with a LED screen.


Spectra S2 Plus breast pump

Spectra S2 Plus is a premier electric breast pump that has an attractive soft pink color. It is designed to bring comfort and confidence to nursing mothers in the journey of breastfeeding. The Spectra S2 plus provides extra smooth pumping. The weight of the spectra s2 plus is only 3 pounds. The spectra s2 plus has smooth motors which ensure not to produce any kind of noise. The motors turn on the massage mode so that the natural sucking of the breasts can take place.

Features of the S2 plus

The s2 plus comes with amazing features like

· Backflow protection

The spectra baby in the USA has spent a lot of time on adding this feature to their products. The s2 plus comes with the feature of backflow protection. Where the pumps stop the milk from flowing back to avoid harmful bacteria and infections.

· Pumps

The spectra s2 plus come with double and single pumps which provide the suction level up to the L12 extent.

· Weight

Spectra s2 plus breast pump has extremely lightweight. Its weight is only 3 pounds.

· Design

The spectra S2 plus comes with an LCD and built-in lights and a night mode. All the spectra baby USA breast pumps come in beautiful colors.

· Warranty

The pumps of the spectra S2 plus comes with a warranty of 2 years and the accessories come with 90 days of warranty.

These are all electric breast pumps available on the official website. By reading the features of the key products, you can choose which product is amazing for you and works for you.

Last thoughts

The spectra baby of USA is one of the best electric breast pumps that can prove to be very helpful for nursing mothers. Their stylish design and affordable prices make them stand out from all the other brands in the market.

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