Medela electric breast pumps

Medela is the #1 breast pump brand highly recommended by doctors and mothers. It has arrived with the primary focus of creating a breastfeeding pump with the highest possible quality to help moms in breastfeeding their babies successfully.

Medela Electric Breast Pumps

Whether you are looking for a great quality electric breast pump or want to get a manual breast pump, the range of Medela pumps can offer it all to you with ease. Here you can get exactly what you are looking for. Even more, Medela is also a go-to brand for doctors and moms to get the best breast pump.

Do you want to know more about Medela and Medela breastfeeding pump here? Let’s have a look at the brief history of the Medela pump below to get to know more about the things in this regard.

So, here we go:

Medela brand story: An overview you must have

Medela was founded by Olle Larsson, in 1961 in Zug, Switzerland. The breastfeeding pump brand has been growing continuously under the ownership and supervision of the Larsson family, till present. It’s been more than 30 years, Medela is highly focused on providing the best and research-based breast milk feeding solutions including Medela manual breast pump, electric breast pump, and clinical education to support the breastfeeding milk journey of moms in the best possible way.

At present the world-renowned brand is working with two different business units which are:

  • Human Milk
  • Healthcare

In the human milk unit of the business, they are more focused on providing breast milk feeding solutions based on extensive research. While on the other hand, the Healthcare unit is dedicated to engineer and manufacture solutions regarding medical vacuum technology.

The headquarter of Medela is located in Switzerland. While it has established its 18 subsidiaries as well for the successful distribution of its products in 100+ countries all around the globe.

Medela Medela manual breast pump has established its United States-based manufacturing and development facility as well. This US-based Medela facility is headquartered in McHenry, Illinois. However, there is an additional facility as well which is located in Elgin, Illinois.

More than a million females/mothers in the United States are relying on the technology of Medela every year.

Who is behind the Medela brand?

Olle Larsson is the founder of the Medela brand who developed this brand to enhance the overall health and well-being of both mothers and babies through human milk’s life-giving benefits.

Olle Larsson believed that looking at nature isn’t a trend but always the most fascinating story you can ever discover. This will not only help you to spend more time while observing natural behavior. Also, you can use what you have observed and learned from nature to develop something which is helpful for baby and mother and can last forever.

Olle Larsson founded Medela to support moms at each step of their breastfeeding journey from pregnancy to hospital and then home to make sure that they are giving their best to the babies, daily.

Medela is here to advocate for families to ensure a successful and flexible breast milk feeding journey to impact the long-term health of generations.

Consistent development of Medela brand

Medela is a leader in the industry of bringing breast milk feeding solutions and the best breast pump for more than 30 years. Medela is working with a passionate team that is dedicated to helping moms to provide breast milk to their babies in the best possible way. Medela is employing approximately 800 employees in the United States. While more than 1200 people are working with Medela all around the world. These include designers, engineers, researchers, doctors, and even parents, also.

With the dedication, passion, and hard work of the Medela team, the brand has become able to offer moms’ favorite and award-winning to help every mom meet its needs in the best possible way.

Medela product development

The primary focus of Medela is breast milk feeding. The brand is here to help mothers in breastmilk feeding their babies more effectively and successfully. Their products can help them to do so as long as they want to do that.

However, the breastfeeding products being offered by Medela are based on extensive research of more than 50 years. Research has been made regarding the life-giving breastmilk feeding benefits. Medela is working with various universities, research institutions, lactation experts, hospitals, and more from all around the world collaboratively to develop advanced and best possible technologies for creating breastfeeding solutions with the highest possible standards.

The dedication of Medela is effectively combined with these discoveries and insights. Therefore, the Medela breastfeeding pump has become the number 1 breast pump highly recommended by doctors and breastfeeding mothers as well from all around the world. It is meant to bring highly innovative, flexible, and practical products which are designed perfectly for the mothers of the present day.

Representative products of Medela

Medela is much more than the number 1 doctors and moms breastfeeding pump brand. Medela brand is offering a complete line of a breast pump and nursing products which are designed effectively to make your breast milk feeding journey easier and successful in the best possible way.

However, the representative products of Medela include:

Breast care

  1. Best breast pump
  2. Cleaning and sanitizing solutions
  3. Breast milk feeding and storage solutions
  4. Breast pump accessories
  5. Nursing and Maternity apparel support

Breastmilk is always amazing. It is undoubtedly the best life-giving as well as the life-changing element. Even if it is in the smallest amount, but breast milk feeding is not only essential to keep your baby healthy but also for a unique bond between mom and baby that it can create.

Medela has understood the limitless power of breast milk feeding, therefore, it came forward to give a more comfortable and flexible way for moms to transform their breastfeeding journey more effectively.


Overall, Medela has improved the breast milk pumping experience of moms by transforming the research-based knowledge into innovative and effective breast milk pumping solutions. It is providing a range of services and products that can make feeding breast milk easier than ever before.


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