Is Ardo Calypso what you need?

Are you being a mom and feeding your baby makes this job a lot harder? There is help for you! Find out more about ardo calypso essentials breast pump and how your life as a mother can become instantly easier!

What is Calypso?

Get to know more about this product and why would you need it so much! The company was founded in 1985 in Switzerland. Ardo Medical was made in 2008. This pump gives your security that no accident will be made such as pull-off and spillage. More than this, the product guarantees a completely closed system, so no worries about milk getting spread or stuck everywhere. The components can be adjusted independently from each other with a number of 64 settings. It is a flexible plumb, very quiet compared with others but as powerful as them, it has a compact design, BPA free and comfortable for an efficient experience.

Key features of Calypso

As simple as it has been said previously, the compact plumb offers you a pleasant experience with a minimum of effort. The ardo calypso essentials breast pump includes:

  • one-year guarantee
  • completely closed system
  • no noise
  • simple design
  • easy to follow instructions
  • independent components with 64 settings
  • includes massage of the breast

Review of the product

Because the other's opinions play an important role when deciding about which product to choose, let's see what do they think about Calypso. The best thing about the product is that it is easy to use with a minimum of noise. Having a quiet experience with your child is so beneficial and this is why Calypso is preferred by so many moms. Elizabeth, a mother who experienced using Calypso said that for her the instructions were so clear and useful, everything went smoothly and clean. Comfort is also crucial while testing the product, and the testers agreed that they did not feel any discomfort while using it.

The efficiency of Calypso was also tested and the results were very good. It is a strong pump. but quiet and easy to use.

Pros and cons of ardo calypso essentials breast pump

As every product comes with some cons, let's view them from the others' opinion. It is said that the instructions come in 14 languages but some of them had difficulties while trying to read them. When using batteries, the pump motor did not have such great power; the need to be hands-free while controlling the settings.

Another way, the pros found for the product were the following: it is a quiet product, that can be used without making a lot of noise and disturbing the child; it is easy to carry and fast to clean; BPA free; it included multiple breast shields and the massage option; the possibility to be used as a manual pump

Final thoughts

Reading all the others' opinions and the features of the product it is your turn to decide whether Calypsp fits your needs or not. Thinking about your personal preferences you might want to test this product and see its features and your own experience with it!

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