How a Wireless Breast Pump Can Make for Confident Nursing

Some new moms seem to have it all together. They don’t mind nursing in public, they don’t work outside the home, or they always think ahead to pump before leaving the house. But for the rest of us, there’s the wireless breast pump that takes one more thing off our worry list.

Choosing breast milk as your baby’s “main course” is a savvy decision, no matter how they receive it. Whether it’s through direct contact or from a bottle, you’re making a healthy and economical choice for them. But if you don’t feel confident nursing on the go or don’t want a clunky breast pump cluttering your desk at work, you’ll be glad to know you have another option.

Wireless breast pumps, sometimes called wearable breast pumps, are discreet pumps that offer privacy and mobility. Here’s how they work and why they’re a must for any nursing mom’s baby registry.

What is a Wireless Breast Pump?

Moms who have pumped before know there’s a trade-off when using an electric or battery-operated pump compared to a hand expression pump. Handheld versions are smaller and more portable, plus they don’t require any electricity to operate. Electric pumps are bulky, but they’re also more powerful, allowing you to get more milk from every session. And if you have a breast pumping bra, you can usually do other things while you pump.


A wireless breast pump offers the best of both worlds. It’s small and discreet, fitting inside your bra much like a nursing pad except larger. It’s also hands free, freeing up your hands (and attention) to take care of your little one. Just place the pump directly over your breast, turn on the battery-operated unit, and let the device do the rest.


The expressed milk is collected in the built-in cup and can be easily transferred into a bottle or breast milk storage bag. This way, you know exactly how much milk your baby is getting and can even pump extra to save for later.

Why Go Wireless?

Breast pumping is often a necessary evil among nursing mothers, especially since two out of three families have two working parents. Mommies can’t always be close to their babies when it’s time to feed, which is why breast pumps have become such a valuable baby registry item.


However, if given the choice between a wireless breast pump and a traditional one, many moms believe the answer is a no-brainer. Here’s why:

It’s Convenient

Wireless breast pumps offer a level of convenience that moms have to see to believe. From going to the grocery store to sitting at your desk at work, there’s never a bad time to pump. The small unit is quiet and discreet, allowing you to pump no matter what you’re doing.

It Offers More Privacy

No one needs to know when you’re pumping. And yet, everyone does when you’re using a large electric pump. That’s not the case with a wearable breast pump, though. You can pump in peace and quiet, even when you’re on the go.


Plus, there’s no need to wear a cover up when you’re using a wireless pump. Because the pump fits in your bra, you can wear your clothes like normal and feel confident when pumping.

There’s Less Cleanup

To add to its convenience, there are no extra parts to wash. The breast shields, tubing, and collection bottles that you need with a traditional electric breast pump have all been replaced by an advanced compact design, giving you fewer steps to clean up when you’re done.

It Sustains Breastfeeding Goals

Maybe your baby was born prematurely and you haven’t been able to nurse them directly. Or maybe you’ve finally reached your FMLA limit and have to go back to work, leaving your baby in the care of someone else.


No matter the case, a wearable pump can help you keep your breastfeeding goals alive. Because it takes so much work and time out of the process, you may feel more energized to keep moving forward.

It’s Comfortable

If you’ve ever used a traditional electric breast pump with breast shields and tubing, you know how uncomfortable it can feel. Even a 15-minute pumping session can feel like an eternity, plus you’re limited as to what you can do during your pumping.


The smaller profile of a wearable pump and the way it fits with your body is a whole different experience. It’s more comfortable and gives you the freedom to move about your day without pumping slowing down your productivity.

It Shares the Responsibility of Feeding Time

True with any type of pump, using a wireless breast pump allows others to help with feedings. Your body is constantly at work trying to make milk for your baby, so allowing others to step in to help with the actual feeding can feel like a huge relief for a busy mom.

It Reduces Stress and Pain on the Nipples

Some new moms choose to pump exclusively, which is much easier to do when you have a pump that’s gentle on the nipples. You never have to worry about a bad latch, which can also lead to sore, cracked, or even bleeding nipples. This also helps you sustain your breastfeeding goals uninterrupted.

Choosing a Wireless Breast Pump

Breast pumps come in all forms and sizes, but if you’re looking for a wireless breast pump, Cherishal is among the best.

Affordable, compact, and powerful, Cherishal wireless breast pump allows daily life to keep going while you’re pumping without worrying about spills, bulky bottles, or poor production. Its technology mimics the sucking of a newborn to promote lactation while also remaining gentle on the nipples.

The integrated components collect the milk and make for easy transfer and cleanup. When you’re done, simply recharge the pump using a USB cable and be ready for your next pumping session. 

Discover the beauty of confident nursing with Cherishal wireless breast pumps ― order now!

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