Haakaa breast pumps

Human milk contains all the nutrients that a baby requires at his/her initial time of about one year. It is not too heavy that a baby's little stomach cannot digest it but babies can only digest this natural thing easily as compared to any other.

It is not always easy for the mothers to feed their babies on their breast milk as there may occur some problems in milk production or regulation or difficulties in sucking the milk that a baby faces. This is really an alarming situation that should be addressed to ensure the health of both baby and mother both.

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump 4oz/100ml

A brief history of Haakaa breast pump

Haakaa brand supplies silicon breast pumps around the world to ensure the right amount of milk collection for the babies to avoid inconvenience and save time if you are a working woman dealing with the household task along with your job but cannot leave your baby in dilemma. You can use a Haakaa breast pump to avoid such problems and create a strong love and care bond between you and your baby.

Here is the detail about the Haakaa silicone breast pump that you need to know.

Something about the brand story: The history of Haaka breast pump

Haakaa pump is the product of a New Zealand family who faced severe problems while buying quality and non-hazardous breast pumps for sucking milk could not. Shu Ting Zhang gave birth to her beloved daughter who was juggling many problems including autism; lack of social contact and frustrating behavior as she refused to suck her mother's milk. Shu Ting Zhang searched the market to find the healthy product that she could use for breast pumping but she did not find such a safe breast pump for her baby girl.

So, she decided to go for producing her own brand that will manufacture Haakaa silicone breast pumps for the mothers of newborn babies to facilitate them with the safe and less time-consuming product. Shu Ting Zhang took the word 'Haakaa' from an art or form of war dance in New Zealand that means strong fighter.

She introduced this product to fight against the hazardous plastic included in the breast pumps that most companies were supplying.  She introduced this eco and baby's health-friendly product to the world years ago to assist mothers to feed their babies on natural human milk.

Haakaa breast pump deliberately became famous among the new moms who were feeling several problems while feeding their newborn babies. Later on, Haakaa breast pumps were transformed into a new generation with many modifications.

After a few months, Shu noticed that mothers were also complaining about the nipple soreness caused by the bite of their babies so she went for introducing a nipple that you adjust on the breast to create a gap between your nipples and baby's mouth to avoid biting.

Now in the market, there are available multiple products of the Haakaa brand to ensure the mother's and baby's health and develop a strong bond while enjoying this natural process of breastfeeding.

The person who introduced this brand

A New Zealand family is behind this brand who felt the need for such echo and bay's health-friendly product that moms can use to feed their baby and save time to perform other tasks of home and office. Shu Ting Zhang, the owner of the Haakaa brand who introduced the world to this precious product. She was working in a company dealing with such products but she felt the material used for manufacturing this product is somehow toxic for the babies. She after the birth of her daughter decided to introduce the Haakaa breast pump and other related things to ensure safe milk feeding to the babies.

The development of this brand

This brand started with a simple milk suction bottle that was made up of high-quality silicone. A team of professionals is working to bring desired results to manufacture the product that can facilitate the moms to ensure the proper milk suction to regulate the lactation and provide milk to the babies with the best quality.

First, this product was with a simple wide moth, narrow neck, and bottle behind it and there was properly mentioned on the packaging that how to use Haakaa pumps with detail. Later on, it has been developing with the passage of time as now Haakaa has introduced the official nipples to assist the mothers to put on their nipples to create a gap between the baby's mouth and the mom's nipple. Later in 2018 and 2019, this brand has also developed the second and third generation of Haakaa pumps.

Great events

It has become popular among the moms as they know very well how to use Haakaa pumps to collect the milk for their babies.

  • It is an award-winning product.
  • It is recommended by the nurses and doctors due to its high-quality material.
  • It has brought about innovations in 2019 and is working on new plans to bring more baby and mother’s comfort products.
  • It has introduced a spoon and bowl for feeding babies who newly start eating solid food.

The development of the product

This product has become the model role and most secure for milk collecting. It carries several advantages as

  • You can take it anywhere as it can easily fit in your bag or baby’s bag.
  • It is not too expensive like other milk collecting products.
  • Moms can use it easily as they know very well after reading the prescription under the heading how to use it.
  • It keeps massaging the breast to stimulate the milk secretion and get it in the bottle within 2 minutes.

Representative products of Haakaa breast pump

Haakaa breast pump is available in single piece containing

  • Head\breast fitter
  • Bottle\ sucker

But you may also buy its cap by ordering it on the website to keep the collected milk safe and at normal temperature.


Haakaa pumps are available in different sizes that suitable for all mothers and babies as the product is made of flexible silicone material to make it non-toxic and easy to create suction while doing massage.

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