Freemie wearable breast pumps

Freemie is one of the best brands of wearable breast pumps and wireless breast pumps. If you are looking for an electric and cordless breast pump with the new and latest technology this is the best hands-free pump. It will also provide you with a lot of options including the breast pump flange size of your choice and requirement.


You can get the breast pump flange in a variety of pumping flanges. Our company’s main motto is to provide convenience to the women so that they can carry on their work along with taking care of all the requirements of the baby. 

Historical overview of Freemie wearable breast pump you must know about 

Dealing with motherhood is quite challenging for new mothers. They can, however, make life easier by employing things that make the baby easier to manage. 

If you're a mother, you're probably concerned about your child's safety. You can provide your child with high-quality care by experimenting with some of the greatest baby products available. Because your baby's health is at stake, you must be extremely cautious while selecting a breast pump. 

  • Excessive usage of breast pumps might harm the underlying tissue of your breasts.
  • Therefore, you must also take care of yourself. For the comfort and convenience of moms, many companies manufacture these goods.
  • You must, however, understand the distinctions among them.

A thing that works for one individual may not work for you. To choose the greatest option for you, you must conduct the study. Freemie is one of the best companies to consider because it has been made to provide convenience for women. 

Who is behind the freemie?

It is one of the most innovative companies which were founded by Stella Dao. 

Well known medical doctor 

She is one of the well-known medical doctors who are concerned about women's health and is also supporting the freedom to feed movement. The main aim of the company is to make things very easy for the woman because it is very difficult to handle all the household work and taking care of the baby. Some of the women are into jobs and they have very Bright Careers that cannot be neglected.  

Providing convenience to the women 

Our company aims to make things very easy for the women of such criteria. Our brand has given a very positive impact on the entire world including women. Many obstacles were faced while making the company because of the severity of the issue.  

Consistent development of the brand 

It is also considered as one of the taboo in society and most people do not want to talk about it. However, some powerful women joined hands to make this company possible. It is working for the welfare of the women and trying to make things easy for them. You can get a wearable breast pump at a very convenient price. 

Latest technology products 

There is the latest technology used within the making of the company which is why we deal with the wireless breast pump and cordless breast pump. You can get hands-on the best hands-free pump as it is also available in breast pump flange size According to your requirement and desire. It is now upon you to choose the best breast pump flange and pumping flanges according to the age of your baby.  

Best customer care and service 

You have to be vigilant before choosing any product which means you should be well aware of its functioning and techniques used in it. We make sure that our customers know all about our latest technology products that can keep them at convenience.

 You can contact us anytime to get any kind of information or queries because the main aim of our company is to make things easy for the people. 

Plenty of features and benefits 

It has many features and it is also considered the best hands-free pump. It is founded by one of the most experienced and skillful doctors who have made sure to keep everything in mind.

 You can use this wearable breast pump easily almost at any time because it is safe to use and very convenient to wear. You will not feel discomfort which is why you can carry on your work along with taking care of your baby. 

Founder and co-founder of the company 

Stella Dao, you knew how difficult it is to take care of the baby along with keeping the balance between your private and professional life. She joined hands with her husband Dan Garbez who is the CEO and co-founder of the company. 

Great events 

Many great events took place during the development of the company. Some of them are discussed below:

  • It is considered as one of the Leading Breast Pump Innovators that is constantly changing the Economics of Breastfeeding selling new Products Under $100.
  • Introducing new and latest technology now and then. 
  • Trusted by most of the new mothers. 
  • Consultations are provided by the doctors. 

Representative products 

There are many products available by the company. some of their representatives' products are: 


Freemie Liberty Wearable Breast Pump System

It is suggested that you search for a suitable type of breast pump. Depending on your requirements. 

· Accurate pressure 

It will necessitate a comprehensive examination of the product's label. You must keep an eye on the pressure and suction levels. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your health as well as your baby's necessities. Our product provides you with accurate pressure that is according to your need.

· Best Breast Pump System

It is suggested that you consult a specialist before acquiring any product, especially if you are a novice. Another option is to describe your requirements to businesses so that they can give you the product you want. We know exactly what you want which is why we have the best Breast Pump Systems available for you.

Freemie Independence Deluxe Breast Pump Set

Some breast pumps include a built-in battery and are also wireless, allowing them to function independently. 

· Best for multitasking mothers 

It is especially useful for mothers who are multitasking while pumping. However, in order to use the breast pump effectively, the mother must hold it in one hand. It can provide convenience and accuracy to you.

· Handsfree pumps 

If you're too preoccupied with other things, many items can assist you with the hand-free option. It can be great for working mothers. You can also use it at home while you are performing other activities. 

Fitmie Inserts For Freemie Breast Funnels

It is dependent on the volume of milk you wish to supply as well as your child's age. 

· You can get it for one or both breasts

It depends on the condition and circumstances, but having a breast pump for both breasts can be more costly than having one for just one. 

· Convenience of price 

If you are on a tight budget, it is recommended that you get one of these because it will also meet your pumping needs. Using a breast pump for both breasts is the most effective technique to achieve enhanced and effective outcomes.


Valves for Standard Freemie Cups 

It also relies on your requirements and needs. Most of the time, wireless pumps will not be able to meet your needs. 

· Standard cups according to your requirement 

If you are a new mother who has recently given birth to a child, you should seek medical advice. You should also look for opportunities that can meet your requirements, which are based on your baby's age. 

· Product label and pressure 

Before purchasing, make sure to check the product label and pressure level. It is easily accessible on the company's website. You can also contact the product's creator. We know how to take care of the mother and baby which is why we have designed such products. 

Freemie Standard Cups for Freemie Mobile Pumps, Spectra, Ameda, and More

It is suggested that you seek the appropriate breast pump. 

Provide standard cups 

As per your requirements it will necessitate that you examine the product's label carefully. You must keep an eye on the suction and pressure levels. Otherwise, it will be detrimental to your health and your baby's needs. 

You can consult our professional team 

It is always a good idea to consult a specialist before acquiring any goods, especially if you are new to the market. Another option is to describe your requirements to manufacturers so that they can give you the goods you want.

Our professional team is always at your service to answer all your questions and queries. It is upon you to choose the best product for yourself. You have to consider a lot of things however we have taken care of most of the things including the latest technology. 


Freemie is one of the most popular and recommended companies if you want to purchase a wearable breast pump. The latest technology is used in the wireless breast pump so it is very convenient to go for the cordless breast pump. if you want to get hands-on with the best hands-free pump you should go for our company as it is developed by the most talented and skillful medical doctor.

 There are many features regarding our products you can also get extra equipment along with the main product to make your life easier. It is a born you to choose the breast pump flange size. You can get a variety of breast pump flange and pumping flanges.



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