Elvie wearable breast pumps

The wearable breast pump has made the life of women very easy because of its easy use technology and reliable applications. The company has made sure to introduce a wireless breast pump which can be very convenient for the women to handle even while they are working.

 Elvie breast pump

The cordless breast pump is the best option for working women especially those who are handling a job along with feeding the baby. You can also get different breast pump flange sizes. Elvie is the best company because of many reasons. You can get useful equipment along with a breast pump including pumping flanges and breast pump flange. 


An overview of the history of Elvie you must know 

Many reasons make Elvie one of the best brands when it comes to a wearable breast pump. It was started with a purpose and motto to serve the women 


There is the constant creation of new ideas and introducing new technology related to wireless breast pumps because Elvie knows the stress women have to face along with managing all the work. The main mission of Elvie is to introduce new technology for women's welfare. They also take care of the requirements of the women depending upon the age of the baby. 


  • You can get the best hands-free pump at reasonable prices which are one of the best features of a company.
  • We also take care of providing cordless breast pumps to make them more convenient for women.
  • You can get breast pump flanges which can be available in a huge variety.
  • Many types of pumping flanges are available in breast pump flange size. 


Breast pumps should be utilized by all breastfeeding mothers since they can help them in a variety of ways. Because breast pumps control the nursing process, you can feed your baby at any time of day. It keeps breast milk safe for the infant, which would otherwise be squandered most of the time. Feeding your infant can help prevent cancer and reduce the chances of it occurring. 


One of the best things about Elvie is that it provides breast pumps to keep breast milk safe even when you're not with the infant, preventing engorgement. First and foremost, you must be informed of the cost. Elvie's double pump will set you back $499. However, the most significant feature is that it comes with a variety of different components that might assist you in achieving positive results. The extra pieces will make things much easier for you.


Who is behind the Elvie? 

Elvie Is one of the best companies and it has been serving women for more than 10 years. 

· Tania Boler

Our company is founded by one of the most powerful and strong women, Tania Boler. She is known for her services related to women's health. She is doing so much to improve the Lifestyle for women so that they can carry work along with taking care of other fields of life. 


She is recognized as an international Women's health expert who offered many services for this cause. She has also been awarded Leadership positions at various NGOs. 


Tania Boler Is very passionate to challenge the problems women have to face and no one talks about it because they are considered taboo in society. She is working hard to make life easier for women and Elvie is one of the examples that you can see.


· Alexander Asseily

Alexander Asseily Is the co-founder of the company who is known for making the services of the company up to the mark. He is an entrepreneur and investor for more than twenty years. 


He is known for investing in companies that are trying to save the cause of humanity and making it easy for the people. He is experienced enough to introduce new technology regarding wearable breast pump. 

Consistent development of the Company 

One of the most crucial considerations before selecting a breast pump is storage capacity. The Elvie has a storage capacity of 5 oz, which is equivalent to 150 ml bottles.

Development of sizes 

Elvie has sizes 21mm, 24mm, and 28mm available. However, you can get different breast pump flange size Along with the pumping flanges of your requirement. 

Hygiene of the components 

It is critical to maintaining good cleanliness to prevent your kid from infections spread by filthy goods. After each use, you must clean several components. When it comes to Elvie, the sky is the limit. You must clean five components.

Use of modern technology

To connect with your breast pumps, you can use an iPhone or Android model. Elvie, on the other hand, is deafeningly quiet. It doesn't make any noise when it's in use.

Battery Improvement  

It will not be connected with any form of cable, making it incredibly portable and convenient to use. It takes 2 hours to fully recharge Elvie's battery. It has a two-and-a-half-hour pumping time.

Great events of the company 

  • It was founded in the year 2013.
  • Some of the most popular and well-known investors started investing in the company. 
  • Elvie raised 42 million dollars to help women get the basic equipment needed for taking care of the baby. 
  • Many obstacles have to be faced regarding funds. People were not very welcoming about the idea of having a wearable breast pump but this wireless breast pump has evolved a lot from its original shape and Technology. 
  • They are one of the best hands-free pumps that can make your life convenient and easy. You can get a cordless breast found anywhere very convenient because it is easy to reach our company and services. 
  • Elvie is making our products and services better along with time for the people to make the most out of it. 


Representative products

There are key representative products of Elvie which includes:


24mm and 28mm sizes of the breast shield 

It is important to get the right size breast shield as it will be convenient for you and your baby. You can get 24mm and 28mm sizes of the breast shield. It is a point due to choosing the best option according to the age of your baby.


You have to keep in mind a lot of things before selecting the size of the breast shield. It also depends on the working hour and age of your baby. 

· More storage 

It will allow you to have the best storage and also protect the milk from getting wasted. If you know how to choose the best size of breast shield it will provide your baby with more nutrition. Milk will be saved for the baby so that it can be utilized in the time of need despite the fact of getting it wasted. 

· Spill-proof capacity

It will also provide spill-proof capacity because the right size can make it more convenient for you to save the milk. It will be protected from getting wasted and if the size is accurate there will be no spilling. You should be very vigilant when it comes to choosing the size of the breast shield. 

Pack of two 21mm Breast Shields

It is important to have an extra breast shield so that it can be easy for you to utilize it in your time of need. You can get a pack of two 21mm breast shields. You can utilize them according to your convenience. You also have to keep in mind that it should be according to your own requirement in order to get the best results. 

· Pumping breast milk

If you get the desired size of breast shields it will be very easy for you when it comes to pumping breast milk. This is one of the best options for the mothers who are always working and they also have to manage their professional lives. We provide such products so that the mothers can manage everything conveniently. 

· Separate accessories

Separate accessories are provided with other products to keep you at the level of Excellence. You can get all the benefits because of the separate accessories that are for the purpose of making your life

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