Elvie Pump Review: A Wireless Breast Pump

Being a mother is not an easy process whether it is your first time or not. There is a lot of stuff going on and you have to deal with it. What makes the time even more difficult for you is the fact that some gadgets are made to make life easier, but they end up making it even worse.

A common example for mothers is the breast pumps which make you deal with wires and complex setups. These not only make your life physically difficult, but they also increase the mental pressure along with everything that you are dealing with.

The Elvie wireless breast pump works like that small light in a dark room that brings motivation and positive energy. So, it is the Elvie pump review where you will know how it can make your life a lot easier.

Elvie breast pump

How the wireless breast pump changes your daily life

The world is full of gadgets and most of them claim to be the best. However, the sad part is that most only end up making things worse for you. The Elvie wearable breast pump is not like all others as it is an accomplishment for motherly love.

The amazingly unique qualities of Elvie wearable breast pump.

When it comes to the qualities there are hardly any things that this pump does not bring. From being convenient to being efficient in its functionality, everything is there in the best manner when you use this pump.

  • Cordless

The first quality that you will note about this pump is that it is cordless. Most wearable breast pump products either come with wires powering them or they have mile containers that are connected with the wearable attachments via tubes.

Neither is the case here as this product is designed to get rid of all of these complex issues. There are no hanging wires and tubes with this product which makes it amazingly convenient.

  • Handsfree

Secondly, it is a hands-free product. Are you also done with the breast pumps which need you to manually pump? Well, that only helps at making things difficult for you and increasing your work. The Elvie breast pump is designed to work completely hands-free meaning that you do not have to do anything like manual pumping.

  • Wearable

Lastly, it is wearable. And by wearable, it is meant wearable as no batteries or containers are hanging around which make you stay at your place. All you need is a nursing bra and you can easily wear the pumps.

The Daily usage of the wireless breast pump.

People usually consider breast pumps as a product to use when they are traveling or in some unusual situation. It is not the case with this product as it is designed to blend into your lifestyle. From every aspect of your life, it is the product that can change your life.

An “all-in-one” unit makes sure that no parts are dangling around your body which makes the whole thing very comfortable. Although the pumping sensation is a bit different, you can easily tell if the pump is working or not with the indicator lights or you can also hear the silent pumping sounds.

When you are done with pumping during the day you can leave the pump to rest a bit for the night and charge it at that time to keep it ready for your next day. In this way, you will forget about pumping milk with this effortless product.

All you need to do is to charge the pump up and assemble it. That’s it! You are done and good to go. Speaking of assembling things there are some things that you need to know about the pump so here is all you need to know about assembling the product.

A few little things you need to know about the wireless breast pump assembly.

Right out of the box you will get all the parts that you need. Some of these parts are:

  • The electronic pumps
  • Plastic breast shields
  • Milk storage containers
  • Bra attachments

When you are assembling the parts, the most important ones are the pumps which are Bluetooth compatible and can work with the application. More about that later. Staying at the assembly process you will note that there are rubber parts that are made to fit on the plastic parts to keep the whole contraption leakage free. These rubber parts also ensure effective suction.

One major part of this Elvie pump review is that the plastic parts are dishwasher safe meaning that you hardly have to do anything other than charging the pump. That too only for 2 hours.

The wireless breast pump is not only wireless, but it is smart as well.

Every gadget is getting smarter these days and the Elvie pump does the same. It is Bluetooth enabled making it compatible with your smartphones. So, from starting and stopping the pumping functionality to changing the intensity you can do a lot of things right from your phone.

The best part is that you can get all the analytics about the milk volume and keep the record of everything right from the application. It helps a lot when you are looking to track the nutrition of your baby.

Final Verdict

As mentioned in the beginning, being a mother is not an easy job. You have to deal with your daily life tasks along with taking care of your newborn baby. While things can get very difficult for us especially when it comes to management you can easily get stressed. Additionally, while the breast pumps ensure to provide you the relief, most of them end up making things even more complex for you.

The Elvie wearable breast pump is the life savior in any case. It is the perfect combination of modern-day technology and motherly love for the young ones. In this Elvie pump review, we were discussing how this wearable breast pump can bring a lot of confidence and ease to your life when you have to feed your baby.

Whether you are dealing with your daily life chores or you are headed outside for groceries and stuff the Elvie wearable breast pump will be your best friend.


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