Cigna Breast Pump

Babies are so cute and adorable, especially if it is your own, but you cannot deny that it can be stressful sometimes. As a mom, you need to make sure your baby is well-fed no matter where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with. This is why most moms stock up on bottles of their breast milk. It is definitely easier to feed your child using the bottles when you're out in public and if you have to leave the precious little one in daycare. And your best friend for getting the job done is a breast pump, specifically Cigna Breast Pump.




Cigna is a healthcare and insurance company founded in 1981 by the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and the Insurance Company of North America. Come the year 2009, David Cordani took over the position of CEO and is still leading the company to this day. As a company with the best interest at heart for their customers, Cigna sympathizes with the mothers and recognizes breast pumps as a necessity to aid these moms in their motherhood.






Cigna-issued breast pumps have been proven to be effective in aiding infants born with abnormalities. Babies who are presenting symptoms of down syndrome, heart complications, and cleft palate may find it difficult to suck out the breast for milk on their own.


Abnormalities may also lie with the mother. The nipples may be too small or inverted which makes it hard for the baby to latch onto. Breast pumps are also used for contraindicated cases such as mothers exhibiting illness.




Breast pumps have been proven to be safe for babies. This is backed up by numerous trials conducted by scientists. In addition, breast pumps are considered a medical device which is why it needs to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With this, Cigna breast pump ensures that the mothers will receive FDA-approved and effective devices.




There are three types of breast pumps namely manual, battery-powered, and electrical. Apart from this are the numerous brands producing different kinds of breast pumps.


Cigna breast pump guarantees you access to different brands and types in order to cater to your unique needs. It gives you the assurance that if a device fails to work on you, you will be given the option to try others until you find the product that is for you. It also covers the medical disturbances that may occur to ensure safety for you and your baby.



As presented by the benefits, breast pumps are essential to motherhood. It is your best friend in making yours and your baby's life easier. No need to find hiding spots in public spaces or prepare in the middle of the night to feed your babies. With Cigna Breast Pump taking care of your breastfeeding needs, you can snuggle up with your baby stress-free and worry-free!

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