Breast Pump Flange Sizes – How to know what size flange for breast pump

Breast pumps bring a lot of value for all mothers. The value drastically increases for those women who are working women and do not get enough time to feed their babies. There are different types of pumps and they come in different sizes as well with each having different types of parts for the same functionality.

While a lot of things do not matter a lot for performance, the breast pump flange size matters a lot. There are different breast pump flange size options that you can get and here we will be discussing everything that you need to know.

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An insight into what is a Breast Pump Flange?

The breast pumps come in different parts. Out of all those parts, one is known as the breast shield. It is the plastic part that covers the nipple. Its main functionality is to create a seal. Breast shield is known as the breast pump flange. It works by creating a vacuum that provides a gentle suction for pumping milk.

Why Correct Breast Pump Flange Size Matters?

If you do not get the right one from the breast pump flange size chart, then there could be some issues for you. The issues range from efficiency issues to performance and convenience issues as well. Here are some of the reasons why selecting the correct option breast pump flange size chart matters the most.

Not the best amount of pumping.

Not getting the best amount of pumping may mean that the whole area is not covered. It means that there are some blocked ducts which will lead to not pumping the best amount of mild.

Lack of comfortability

There are portable pumps that come with the feature to keep things convenient for you. One of their main purposes is to stay comfortable and bring peace of mind. Not having the correct one from the breast pump flange size chart will lead to a lack of comfort as there could be issues like leaking

The Standard Breast Pump flange

How to know what size flange for a breast pump is what a lot of women search for when they are going to start pumping milk as they want the best product for themselves. However, when it comes to the actual selection part a lot of them feel confused as there are a lot of options ranging from 16 mm up to 32 mm. But which of them is the Standard one?

Well, most of the manufacturers do not come with a lot of options and they only provide a few to select from. Size 24 mm to 27 mm is what you will mostly find as the standard sizes

How to Find the Right Flange Size?

If you are looking for How to know what size flange for a breast pump, then here is an easy guide to get things done. In these two steps, you will be able to know how to measure breast pump flange size as well as the correct breast pump flange size.

1. Determining the diameter of the nipple.

The first thing you are going to do is to select the diameter of your nipple. This could vary from person to person so you must try to get accurate measurements to get the correct breast pump flange size

2. Comparison between the options

Once you know how to measure breast pump flange size and you get the measurements as well the only thing you will need to do is to compare your measurements with the available options. If you are not getting a perfect size, then getting a little smaller or larger will be good. However, the little ones might be a little tight while the bigger ones are maybe a little more comfortable.

Nipple-to-Flange size Guide

When you are getting a breast pump you must know that there will not be a lot of options available in terms of the flange size. So, how to measure breast pump flange size and the right nipple-to-flange size guide is the most important thing you need to know.

Usually, there are 5 different sizes but all 5 of them are not provided by every manufacturer as well as every product. In this case, you can look for the things and instructions that came with your pump as there will surely be a Nipple to Flange guide with your pump. However, if you do not get any then here is the right way for how to size breast pump flanges.

  • For the nipples measuring 16 mm in diameter, the best-recommended size is a 21 mm flange.
  • For the nipples measuring 24 mm in diameter, the best-recommended size is a 30 mm flange.

Similarly, you can select a size a little bigger for the best grip, suction, and comfort. Getting the same measurement flange is not the best way for how to size breast pump flanges as the experience may not be as good.

When you Need a Different Size?

When you are looking for how to size breast pump flanges it is not only a matter of comfort. There are a lot of cases where you may need to buy some extra flanges to make things right for you. The reason is that the flanges can affect the efficiency a lot. It means that if one size fits someone, it does not mean that it will fit you too, so you just need a different size.

Whether you are a new person or you have been pumping for some time now, going with the wrong sizes is not a choice as it will never provide the best results. One thing you must remember all the time is that the flange must never hurt you nor should it be very loose for the best experience.


Having the right size breast pump flange matters a lot when you need the best experience of pumping breast milk. As a lot of women do not know how to select the right size for them, they can make good use of the guides shared here. In this way, having a good experience will never be difficult at all.


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