Best Wireless Breast Pump: Elvie vs Willow(2021) 

Just like all the other things the technology of breast pumps is evolving at a fast pace. In the earlier times, the breast pumps were heavy and painful. However, now things are very different as these products are getting more convenient to use. Different brands are competing for the top position these days and they are striving for providing better value to their customers.

Two of the top brands in the world are Elvie and Willow and there is a never-ending debate between the products from these two brands. So, to settle things down here we will have our comparison between these two. In the end, we will elaborate on which one is better for usage in 2021.

Some of the major differences between Elvie and Willow wearable breast pumps.

When it comes to the wireless breast pump comparison the Elvie and Willow breast pumps compete for the top position. However, there are certainly differences in both of them and here we will be comparing both to let you know which is better in 2021.

Milk containers

Starting with the most important things, milk containers matter the most for some people. While some people prefer hard milk containers because they save a lot of money, some are looking for disposable containers as they are easier to store, and you do not need to wash them off.

In this case, Elvie provides hard milk containers with a storage capacity of 5 oz per container. On the other hand, Willow comes with a 4 oz container, but you can also get the disposable containers in the same size. So, here Willow gets the point for offering more value.

Breast Shield Sizes

The second most important thing in the whole contraption is the breast shield size of the wearable breast pump. If you do not get it in the right size, then you may have to face several issues like leakage and inefficient pumping.

Luckily both the companies provide different breast shield sizes when you buy their breast pumps. So, you can choose the right fit for yourself and buy it accordingly. In this case, both get a point so we can say that it is a tie here.

Spill-proof pumping

Hard milk containers are known for leaning if you bend over because they are not attached firmly to the breasts. On the other hand, the bags are soft, and they are not going anywhere even when you bend over. So, the bags provide better peace of mind regarding spill-proof pumping.

That being said Willow is a better choice as you have the option to select the disposable bags if you are concerned about spilling. So, we can give a point to Willow here for offering the disposable containers.

Pump Maintenance

The maintenance part is more about cleaning the wearable breast pump and both of the options are pretty different here. While both can be cleaned in the dishwasher or you can wash them by hand, their parts usually make the difference. The Willow wearable breast pump has 3 parts that you have to clean. If you use disposable milk containers here, then the part count goes down to two.

On the other hand, the Elvie wireless breast pump has 5 parts that you need to clean, and that too for both pumps making a total of 10 parts. If you are looking to sterilize these parts then Elvie allows you to use boiling water, dishwasher, or microwave steam bag. On the other hand, Willow wireless breast pumps can only be sterilized using boiling water or a dishwasher. So, the choices are almost the same and both get a point here.

Charging time and battery timing

When you are charging the pumps, you have to wait for almost 2 hours for each brand. On the other hand, the usage or battery timing for both is a bit different. Willow says that their pumps can last up to 5 pumping sessions whereas the Elvie pump can last for about 2.5 hours of pumping time.

One very important thing, in this case, is that Elvie pumps come with 2 wires as you buy a pair while you have to buy 2 Willow pumps separately, so you need to buy another charger as well. So, Elvie gets a slight advantage here to lead it to a point.

Mobile application functionality

Both of these pumps are smart because of the mobile application functionality and both the companies provide applications for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, the features are also almost similar for both the brands so both get a point here.

Customer Support and Warranty coverage

Elvie and Willow both are determined to provide the best quality and value for money to their users. So, both of them provide amazing customer support and warranty coverage for their products. In terms of warranty coverage both provide 90 days warranty on the pump parts. Elvie provides 2 years warranty on the pump itself while Willow provides only 1 year from the purchase date.

In terms of customer support, you can only contact Elvie via Email. However, Willow provides options to contact them via call or text during business hours. So, Elvie gets a point in case of warranty while Willow gets a point in terms of support.

Wearing the pump on the go and pumping sound.

Wearing both these pumps is not an issue as you can easily wear them while at home or outside without being obvious. They make the slightest difference and can easily go with your regular clothes. In terms of sound, both produce a minimal sound but that is not too loud to be noticed.

Final Verdict

If we take a look at the points for all the major differences and companions, Willow is only a point more than Elvie. However, one major factor that you need to consider is that Elvie comes in a pair while Willow comes individually so you have to buy 2 if you are looking to get a pair. That being said, you can make your purchase decision according to your preferences considering the points that we were discussing above.


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