Best wearable breast pump for pumping on the go: Elvie vs Willow

Motherhood is strenuous, and it comes with many responsibilities. The fundamental requirement of a new mother is to learn the ways of feeding her child. Most of the time, breast milk is preferred for babies. Frequently, working mothers choose wireless breast pumps for pumping milk on the go.


There are many types of a wearable breast pumps, like Willow and Elvie. But women have a hard time choosing between these two. Today, we will discuss more the best wireless breast pump. 


We will also talk about what should be the first choice, Willow or Elvie? 


How to use the wearable breast pump? 

Before getting into detail about the Willow VS Elvie wireless breast pump, we will first learn how a wearable breast pump works.


Most of the time, the wireless breast pump is known to be a wearable breast pump. They can be worn by the mothers while traveling.  


The wearable breast pump and wireless breast pump require a proper understanding to make it work. Some of the ways that explain how the wireless breast pump, including Willow, or Elvie works, are specified below.


  • Be certain of the battery and charging – It is advised to keep your wireless breast pump always charged. It is not only helpful, but it is necessary for your safety as well. Charging while the milk gets pumped out can be dangerous.


  • Attach a milk bag – Another thing you need to learn is to attach the milk bag. If you are using a willow wireless breast pump, then a milk bag is necessary. But if you are using Elvie wireless breast pump, you can pump the milk directly within the bottles.


  • Turn the power button on – To turn your wireless breast pumper make sure to turn it on by pressing the button.


  • Adjust the suction levels – You can also set the suction levels when using the wireless breast pump. If you feel you have more clogged milk ducts, increase the suction levels. 


  • Clean when done – Once you are done with the milk pumping procedure, clean the pump thoroughly. Good hygiene is vital in such matters. 


The above-specified points explain how does the willow or Elvie wireless breast pump work. 



Willow wearable breast pump

Now, after learning how the wearable breast pump works, we will differentiate between the willow and Elvie pumps. 


Features of willow wearable breast pump

Some of the basic features of the willow wireless breast pump are specified below.


  • User-friendly

The main reason for which Willow can be the first choice of many people is how easily it can be operated. There are no complexities when it comes to pumping the milk for your child.


  • It can be operated manually

Willow wireless breast pump can also be operated manually. You do not have to worry about the operating system of the willow wireless breast pump.


  • Flip to finish option

Once you are done pumping milk, press the flip to finish option. It can end the suctioning of your breasts to stop milk pumping.


Benefits of willow wearable breast pump

Now, some of the highlighting benefits for willow wireless breast pump are also specified below.


  • Pump while laying down

The best advantage with the willow wireless breast pumper is that you can pump milk while you rest.


There are no risks of milk getting leaked out. You can lay down and relax while the milk gets pumped out.


  • Various suction levels

The willow wireless breast pump has various suction levels. There are 7 suction levels, which you can adjust according to your needs.


  • Battery duration

The battery in Willow wireless breast pump takes almost 2 hours to get charged. The battery lasts for 5-6 milk pumping sessions.


Elvie wearable breast pump

Another type of wireless breast pump is Elvie. There are various well heard things about the Elvie wearable breast pump. 

Features of Elvie wearable breast pump

Some of the main features of the Elvie wireless breast pump are specified below.


  • Slimmer and lighter

The Elvie wireless breast pump is much lighter or thinner than the willow wireless breast pump. This feature makes it a top choice among many mothers.


It is because while wearing the wireless breast pumps, you need to feel free and light. Such characteristics are not found in many breast pumps.


  • Much easier to use 

The Elvie wearable breast pumps are famous for a reason. They are much easier and less complicated to use than willow wireless breast pumps. The easy setup of the Elvie wireless breast pumps makes the suction of milk quick as well. 


  • Warranty is available

The other main factor which makes Elvie wireless breast pumps is their warranty. The Elvie wireless breast pumps come with 2 years of warranty. 


So, if your Elvie pump stops working, do not worry. You can get it checked or even returned by showing the warranty card.


The above-specified points explain the features of the Elvie wireless breast pump.


Benefits of Elvie wearable breast pump

Now, some of the most popular benefits of the Elvie wireless breast pump are specified below.


  • Holds a good amount of milk

There are many advantages of the Elvie wireless breast pump. The most exceptional one is that it can hold up to 5 ounces of milk.


  • More discreet profile

If you want to pump the milk in public, Elvie is the best wireless breast pump. It is not quite visible and has compact dimensions as well. All this makes it one of the best discreet breast pumps.


  • Safe to wash 

The Elvie wireless breast pump is extremely safe. It can be washed using a bar of soap or dishwasher. Therefore, do wash the pump and its insides thoroughly. To sum up, both Willow and Elvie wireless breast pumps are good respectively. However, Elvie does a much better and smooth job as compared to Willow wireless breast pump.



The above-specified points explain what might be the best wireless breast pump for you to pump on the go.



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