Best breast pump for working moms of 2021

Being a working mom means that you have to manage three things at the same time. one is your home, one is your bay, and the other one is your work life. Although you can manage all of these at the same time with the help of a person, having someone is not enough when it comes to breastfeeding your baby.

It is because being a mom, you are the only person who can do this, and this makes your life significantly hectic considering the health of your baby. However, one thing that makes things very easy especially for working moms is the breast pump.

This helps you to pump and store the milk for future use so you can easily manage your baby on a daily basis. Considering this a great product, a lot of brands provide their products, and the moms are often confused about which is the best breast pump for working moms. So, here we will discuss buying the best breast pump for working moms.

Willow breast pump

Willow breast pump

Willow is a well-known company for the production of their breast pumps for working moms and they bring innovation by making the completely wearable pumps. The amazing thing about these pumps that make them the best breast pump for working moms is that you do not have to deal with any type of wires or tubes while using the product. It is because of the amazing design of the products.

The design of these pumps

Being one of the most amazing things about the Willow pumps, the design is great in all aspects. From the spill proofing to the comfort of the user, each and everything is very well engineered over here.

The Willow pumps come with a soft container in which there is a disposable container for the collecting of milk. The best part here is that the design of this pump allows the disposable and reusable containers for the collection of milk with the same pump.

Using the pumps

Using the pumps, you get here is not that difficult because all you need to do is to keep the pump charged. This is also an amazing feature that you get here because the charging will last easily for a day so you will not have to worry about charging the pump during your working hours.

In terms of pumping, you can place the pump in your clothes, and it will automatically start pumping. You can also use the application that comes with the pump for better monitoring of the process of pumping.


Cleaning is not an issue because of the innovative design. The milk container at the back and the pump at the front means that this pump has only two parts for its proper functioning. This means that the process of cleaning and assembling the pump will be very simple.

The best thing here is that if you are the mom who is always in a hurry, then you can use the disposable containers. These can be used and wasted, and you can easily replace the containers.


The main thing that makes Willow's breast pumps the best breast pump for working moms is that the accessories that come along with these pumps are compatible with most moms. The pump assembly itself can fit for most moms as there are 3 different sizes of cup attachments available.

Similarly, accessories like the disposable containers are also compatible with all different models of Willow pumps.

All of these things make this one of the best brands of breast pumps for working moms.

Freemie Breast pump

Freemie Breast pump

Freemie is another brand that makes the best breast pump for working moms. Although the pumps made by them are not completely wearable, they are wearable and portable up to some extent. These pumps also come in a great design and have a lot of different aspects that we have mentioned below.

The design

The main design featured here is having the cups being wearable while the pump is connected to them via tubes. Although this decreases the comfortability because you cannot wear the whole product, this increases the strength and pressure of the pump. This is because the pump is bigger and more powerful this way so it can provide more suction power.


Cleaning this pump is not an issue. Most people have this misconception that the pumps with tubes are very difficult to clean and maintain but this is not the case with this brand. Their design allows the cups to be the only thing that comes in contact with milk and these cups are very easy to clean.

The cups are also made using specific materials that support safety measures for the moms and babies as well.

Although this is not something as portable as wearable pumps, this can still provide a lot of functionality to those who are in a hurry.

Other Breast pump brands.

Some other brands can be considered as the best breast pump for working moms. Here is a brief introduction about them.


Elvie breast pump

One of the brands that has launched its wearable pumps that comes with a lot of features is Elvie. This is the brand that focuses more on the comfortability and compatibility of the working moms that makes it achieve a lot of features in their product.

When you use this pump on a daily basis, there is nothing that you will miss. However, for some people, this thing might not be the best option that there are no disposable containers.


Medela breast pump

Medela is another brand that makes breast pumps for working moms. They provide a wide array of products in different categories ranging from manual to automatic. However, all of the products you get here are amazing in terms of pumping milk.

Final Thoughts

Being a working mom does not mean that you can compromise on the health of your baby. So, having a pump that makes it possible for others to feed the baby is very important. Here we discussed some of the best breast pumps for working moms products’ brands that can be considered if you are looking for the best breast pump for working moms.


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