Babybuddha breast pumps

The actual challenging situation takes place after giving birth to the baby when you will have to take care of feeding them. The breastfeeding part is the most difficult and painful experience a mother can have if they don’t get the ride equipment for it.

The right choice of breast pump will make this journey easier, less painful, and more cherishing for both the mother and the baby.

The BabyBuddha®️ Complete Kit

Historical overview of the babybudha breast pump

After knowing the modern problems of mothers the babybuddha team worked for modern solutions and introduce the best breast pump and here is a brief history of the pumps with all the functions:

The story you must know about the best breast pump

A mother shares the most beautiful bond with their baby and no mother would want to leave their baby hungry so they can work on their goal. No mother would ever want to compromise on the health of the baby by feeding them a boxed of milk. Breastfeeding will keep the baby healthy and away from different diseases but this can go a little wrong if you choose the wrong breast pump. To make this tough path a bit easier for the mothers as well as for the babies the Babybuddha team worked together and invented the best breast pump.

What do you need to know about the creator of this product?

Babybuddha was introduced to the world in 2017 and from that time this company has been working on different products that make the journey of motherhood convenient for new mothers. No mother has to compromise on both their life goals and the health of their baby anymore.

On the stage of breastfeeding mothers go through different problems and they end up giving powdered milk to the babies.

The powdered milk is no good for the health of their little ones but it will make their life a bit easier because staying consistent with the breastfeeding duty is not an easy thing to do.

Babybuddha only made this journey easier and beautiful for the mothers. They introduced an electric breast pump so you don’t have to do anything manually with your hands. It has got multiple functions and you just need to choose the right one.

The development of the brand

The sole purpose of babybuddha team from the very start was to provide healthy solutions for the women who embraced motherhood. They introduced milk bottles in which the milk doesn’t get contaminated if the mother wants to keep it safe for later.

First, they introduced a manual breast pump but with the passage of time technology took over our lives and made everything so much easier. With the manual breast pump, one had to do everything with their own hands like the sucking of milk.

With the help of an electric breast pump you just need to select the right function you think would be comfortable for you and see the magic.

Babybuddha has provided the modern solution to the breastfeeding problems only but it has introduced a 24mm flange kit with their collection of the best breast pump.

With the help of this electric breast pump, you have got all the freedom for yourself as it is wireless you just need to put it on and work on your other house chores conveniently. You just need to recharge the batteries on time.

Great Events

Babybuddha is the first company that introduced the easiest hack for mothers who find breastfeeding hard by introducing an electric breast pump. They are constantly working on making their products more reliable and better so no mother has to compromise on the health of their little ones.

  • All the products that babybuddha has introduced till today are FDA proved.
  • Babybuddha products are one of the highly rated and reviewed baby products on Amazon.
  • Babybuddha breast pump are one of the highly-rated breast pumps reviewed by the mothers.

The development of the products

Babybuddha has been working consistently on introducing better and convenient solutions for mothers who find breastfeeding a hard and painful experience.

  • With the help of babybuddha products you will be able to keep the milk safe for the baby like you sucked it with the help of babybuddha breast pump then you can store it for later use.
  • Not only the breast pump but babybuddha milk bottles will also help in keeping your baby feeding easier because you can save the milk in them and they are air tightened so the milk won’t get contaminated.
  • You can use the pumping flanges after using the breast pump and do your everyday activities like if you want to do walk, work in the kitchen or whatever you want to do.
  • If you are a working woman but you don’t want your child to suffer and you don’t want to compromise on the feeding regime of your baby then you can save the milk in air-tight bottles of babybuddha so the one taking care of the child will feed them later.
  • The whole process of using the breast pump will be so much quieter and the size of this equipment is so much smalls than the ones introduced back in the days that you won’t feel inconvenient while using it.
  • You can use the single pump or you can have the double pumps on both sides as it is completely up to you.

The details of the key features of this electric breast pump include:

  1. A trackballs with 14 different functions
  2. It is impressively quiet
  3. Comes with rechargeable batteries and flanges
  4. It has a unique suction pattern for better milk production

Representative products

The representative products of babybuddha company are the following ones:

1. A bottle kit

These bottles have been designed with durability with a capacity of 8.5 oz. The design is sturdy and the nipples are of perfect size, the baby would want uncomfortable while you feed them the milk stored in a bottle.

Features of the product

After using a breast pump you can simply store the milk in one of these bottles for later use. Here are the features of these bottles:

  • The babybuddha bottle comes with two cap covers
  • Two nipples for the bottles
  • Hygienic bottle covers

Why do you need to buy this item?

Most of the time mothers find it hard to breastfeed the baby in public places but this doesn’t mean that you can simply feed them powdered milk. Many times the baby doesn’t get comfortable with the size of the nipple and might not drink milk from the bottle.

This where the babubuddha milk bottle will come to the rescue. The size of the nipple and the bottle is just perfect. The milk won’t go bad if you store it in one of these bottles for later use.

2. Manual breast milk pump

Women who just welcomed their motherhood might find the breastfeeding process a bit painful and tough in starting days. With the help of a manual breast milk pump, you can easily breastfeed your child. This manual breast milk pump comes with many features that will only make the thing so much easier for you.

Features of the product

· Easily portable

Well, you can take the pump with you wherever you want as the size is quite reasonable and you can fit it in your bag. If you think you won’t be able to breastfeed directly if you are going out or you are at home, you can simply use this device.

· Adjustable manual breast pump

This breast pump has two modes and you can select the one that you are comfortable with.

· More strength

It has maximum strength so it will suck out the maximum amount of milk once you adjust it and select the mode.

· Massage cushions

This pump comes with massage cushions for smooth use of the manual pump.

· Easy cleaning and sanitizing

It is quite obvious that no mother would want to compromise on the health of their little one so the sanitizing and cleaning of this manual breast pump is quite easy.

Why do you need to buy this item?

If you don’t want to suffer from a painful breastfeeding experience plus you don’t want to compromise on the health of your baby then using this manual breast pump will help you.

If you think you have got sensitive breast and if you use any breast pump then it might get a little painful but when you use a manual pump with the massage cushions nothing bad will happen to your body. So, yes for mothers with sensitive breasts can use this pump because it has been designed while keeping the worries of such mothers in mind.

The final word

Doubtless, the babybuddha team has made the journey of motherhood easier for many women who just embraced motherhood and finding it a bit hard and painful. Now you can get the best breast pump so you don’t have to go through any struggle with the breastfeeding job at least.

You have got a choice between two of the best and durably design breast pumps whether you can go for the automatic one or you can buy the manual. It all depends on your requirements and the sensitivity of your body part. Both will make the breastfeeding process easier and you can save the milk in the babybuddha milk bottle.


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