Are Wearable Breast Pumps Worth It?

When you are expecting and planning to breastfeed, you may consider buying a breast pump. Breast pumps are a lifesaver for many breastfeeding mamas and their babies. However, it's hard to know which one is right for you when there are so many different types.


What should be first on your list when making your selection is comfort and convenience; you should not have to be tied to a wall for hours each day - there is a better solution.


Whether you are planning to go back to work or you are a stay-at-home mom with other children, a wearable breast pump is an excellent option as you can wear it anytime, anywhere because there are no tubes and flanges sticking out. Let's explore more of the benefits of wearable breast pumps, if you are in any doubt about their benefits.


The Benefits Of Wearable Breast Pumps


Wearable breast pumps have become more popular in recent years, and they are a total game changer for many nursing mothers. A wireless breast pump allows you to move around and multi-task while collecting that precious milk for your baby.


If you are uncertain whether a wireless breast pump is right for you, consider the following five benefits before making your selection:


1. Convenience


One of the best perks of a wireless breast pump is its exceptional convenience when compared to the traditional breast pump. They don't need to be plugged into a wall while in use; simply place them inside your bra while expressing discreetly.


2. More Mobility


If given the option to move around freely and multi-task, would you choose to be attached to a breast pump for hours on end every day while staring at four walls? The wireless breast pump gives you freedom while collecting your milk.


3. Easy To Clean


Wireless breast pumps have fewer parts to clean due to their compact nature; there are no flanges, long tubes, or bottles. Washing them by hand is pretty straightforward or you can put them in your dishwasher.


4. Discreet


Wearable breast pumps allow you to pump on the go as no flanges are protruding out of your bra. Simply wear it inside your bra, and you can pump at the grocery store, at work, while walking your dog, and nobody would be any the wiser.


5. Easy To Use


Wearable breast pumps are exceptionally user-friendly. You are not required to read through complicated manufacturer's manuals, and cleaning them couldn't be simpler. These pumps have few parts and can be assembled in seconds when you are finished cleaning.


Factors To Consider When Using A Wearable Breast Pump


While the benefits of using a wireless breast pump are undeniable, you must remember to charge it before use. It is very easy to forget, so use it with an intentional mindset not to miss out on any of the benefits.


As with using a traditional breast pump, don't forget to take care of your needs, like drinking plenty of water and having snacks; you might need to massage your breasts before using it. You may also want to bring a picture of your baby or an item of clothing with your baby's scent to help you when pumping.


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