An in-depth Elvie vs Willow wearable breast pump Review[2021 version]

Whether you are a working mom or not, the hectic routine has made it almost impossible for most women to take good care of their babies. Although all other baby chores can be taken care of by someone else, breastfeeding is something that the mother should do by herself. In this case, keeping the baby all the time with you is not the right option.

However, one right option is to buy a wearable breast pump. These pumps allow you to be free wherever you go and whatever you do. At the same time, the pump will be doing its job of extracting and collecting the milk.

Considering the importance of this product, a lot of brands are providing their products. So, here we will share a comparison of Elvie vs Willow hands-free breast pumps so that you can make your buying decision easier.

My Experience with Pumping.

It is a fact that breastfeeding the baby is a necessary thing and it is very difficult being the mom. I used to get tired by the routine however with the help of the hands-free breast pumps, things get very easy and simple. You do not have to carry the baby with you all the time and get all the freedom you desire.

At the same time, while you are doing your work, the hands-free breast pumps will keep pumping at your convenience and store the milk in the container. This was a very unique and easy experience for me because of all the convenience and freedom that the hands-free breast pumps brought in my life.

Something I had never felt like before is the reliability that comes with the hands-free breast pumps because of their spill-free design.

Elvie Breast Pump

Elvie breast pump

One of the world's leading brands for manufacturing hands-free breast pumps, this is also one of the world’s first silent wireless breast pumps. The breast pump not only brings a lot of ease in the life of housewives, but it is also a great gadget for working women.

It is because this product can help them in breastfeeding their baby at their convenience. The wireless breast pump comes with a lot of unique features mentioned below:

  •           Fits with most clothes.
  •           No tubes, wires, or noise.
  •           Comes with a 2-year warranty.

Pros and Cons

The following are some of the pros and cons of this wireless breast pump.


  •           Easy to clean and assemble.
  •           Applications make it very efficient.
  •           Automatic switching between modes.


  •           You need to be stable while using the pump.
  •           One pump might not be sufficient for your needs.
  •           The pumping time is longer.

Willow Breast Pump

Wearable Breast Pump - Willow

Willow is another world-leading brand for its products, and it makes things very efficient and easier for the mothers who are looking to pump milk on the go. The best part about the product you get here is its unique design. The design of this wireless breast pump allows the mothers to pump while they are working or doing their routine chores.

Pros and Cons

The flowing are some of the pros and cons of this wireless breast pump.


  •           This wireless breast pump features a completely spill-proof design in whatever position you are in.
  •           The 2 parts design makes it very easy and simple to clean.
  •           The smart pump system of this wireless pump helps with smart monitoring of volume and history.


  •           Disposable milk bags make it an expensive product.
  •           Using the soft milk containers does not seem to be very reliable for spill-proofing.
  •           It is not the perfect choice for all types of clothes.

Elvie vs Willow Differences

As these are the two world-leading brands for manufacturing the wearable Breast pump, this is a good chance to have the Elvie vs Willow comparison. There are a lot of users who are looking for a very thorough Elvie vs Willow comparison because both of these products are exceptionally good. So, here is the Elvie vs Willow comparison that you have been looking for.

Design differences

The first thing that we are discussing here in this Elvie vs Willow comparison is the design of the wearable breast pump. Here Elvie provides a straightforward design with the pomp up top and the container at the bottom. On the other hand, Willow provides a very unique design with the container at the back and the pump at the front.


When it comes to the Elvie vs Willow comparison, the containers are a major concern. Elvie provides washable containers however the containers with Willow are disposable. This also makes using the Willow wearable Breast pump expensive for some people.

Spill-proof Pumping

Well, both the brands have put great effort in this case however according to some users, Elvie can spill in some positions.

Breast Shield Sizes

Elvie wearable breast pump comes with different shield sizes for different people. However, Willow wearable breast pump also comes in 3 different sizes.

Wearable Breast Pumps on the Go

Using the Elvie pump is more suitable on the go because its design makes it fit with most of the clothes.

Pump Maintenance

The 2 part design and the disposable containers of the Willow free breast pump make it easy to maintain instead of the 5 part design of the Elvie free breast pump.


The mobile applications for both of these free breast pump products make using the product very easy and convenient.


Although the pumps are not completely soundless, both brands have done a great job at reducing the pumping sounds.


The battery timing of both of these free breast pump products can easily provide a full-day usage.

Customer Support

Both brands have great customer support on their website.


Elvie comes with a 2-year warranty whereas Willow comes with no warranty services.


Cleaning the Willow free breast pump is easier as compared to the Elvie because of the fewer parts.


A pair of Elvie’s cost 499 USD and the same is the cost for Willow’s.

Final Thoughts.

Buying a free breast pump can be one of the best decisions that you can make as a mom because it brings a lot of convenience to your life. Here we discussed the personal experience I had with these pumps and we also compared the world's leading brands for their products.

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